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User interface of email marketing tool LianaMailer

Make an Impact with Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Want to send newsletters that stand out from the crowd? Use the AI-backed email marketing tool LianaMailer to create device-optimized messages in line with your brand with just a few clicks. Develop your performance based on real data and comprehensive reports. You can also utilize the same tool for effective text message campaigns.

Create impressive emails easily

Compose your messages from different sections with LianaMailer's easy-to-use Drag & Drop editor. You only need to drag the image and text sections into place and arrange them the way you want. Our built-in AI Assistant will help you to create copy texts in a matter of seconds. You can also import automated content from your RSS feed or other sources into your messages.

Exceed all GDPR requirements

Collect, store and handle all personal data accordingly and comply with the applicable GDPR policy with our tool. Confirm your subscribers are qualified, define your grounds for sending, and manage consents easily. Server locations in Europe enable your sendings in Dubai, Hong Kong, New York – all over the world.

Top deliverability for your emails

Liana's high-quality servers enable a high delivery rate of emails and reduce the chances of your messages ending up in the spam folder. Our long-term work on data security and product development since 2005 ensures the deliverability of your messages.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

LianaMailer has hundreds of satisfied users: government organizations, non-profits, and companies. Users especially appreciate the comprehensive reports, friendly customer service, and user-friendliness of the email newsletter tool.





Messages sent with LianaMailer per year

1 billion

Customer's grade for support services




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Why LianaMailer?

The first version of the email newsletter tool LianaMailer was published fifteen years ago. Since then, it's been a trusted tool by marketers all around the world.

Responsible choice

LianaMailer data is stored in an environmentally friendly way in Europe. The carbon-neutral data center supplies its waste heat to the district heating network. As proof of its environmental responsibility, the data center has received CEEDA and LEED certificates.

Get started quickly

Create your first messages quickly – you can choose a ready template and continue editing it to your taste, or use a customized template we've created specifically for you and your brand. We'll teach you to use the tool so you can reap the benefits of email marketing right away.

Segment and personalize

You can easily segment the contacts in LianaMailer into different recipient lists. You can create lists based on different attributes, such as the subscriber's location. With the content filtering feature, you can easily make personalized versions of your messages based on the attributes of the recipients. This way your content is even more relevant.

Free and friendly support

As our customer, you are supported by your own contact person and friendly technical support that can be reached by email, phone, and chat from the tool's user interface. There is also an extensive support site at your disposal.

B2B and B2C compatible

Our solution fits the needs of both B2B and B2C companies. Comprehensive reports showing reader actions and clicks help B2B marketers identify potential leads, while B2C marketers can take advantage of the tool's personalization features to create a deeper connection with consumers.

Multilingual software

LianaMailer's multilingual message templates and subscription pages support all UTF-8 languages. The user interface is available in French, English, Finnish, German and Swedish.

Generate Newsletter Content with the Help of AI

Let AI-powered marketing take your newsletter to the next level and help you out with newsletter content: LianaMailer has a built-in AI Assistant on the Template editor, which makes content generation efficient and fun. 

With this feature, you can tell what you want to write about, and it will then quickly generate a text based on your request. The Template editor is included in LianaMailer for all our customers.

Newsletter templates and subscription page created for email marketing tool LianaMailer

Choose the Email Marketing Template You Want

You can choose a ready-made newsletter template and continue editing it according to your taste, or we can create a custom-made and unique template for you with the look and feel of your brand.

Whichever you choose, creating beautiful emails with LianaMailer is easy. Just drag and drop the content to the editor and organize it the way you want. Spice the content up with videos, polls, and RSS feed content, and voilà – your newsletter is ready to be sent!

For our campaigns using Liana Technologies’ tools, we achieved a growth of 74% in Open Rates and an increase of 137% in Click-Through-Rates versus our previous e-marketing tool. We have attained campaign results that are way above the region's industry average and also generated a very healthy ROI for our digital channels.

Blaisen Tom
E-commerce Manager for AccorHotels (Middle East Cluster)
Two persons using email marketing tool LianaMailer on laptop

Develop your messages with detailed reports

With LianaMailer's comprehensive analytics features, you can see at a glance which parts of your content work and which require fine-tuning.

  • Clear graphics makes it easy to analyze results.
  • Heatmaps show the most clicked sections of your message.
  • Shared reporting enables sharing the reports with colleagues.
  • You can quickly find out which recipients have canceled your messages, as well as the invalid contacts which the email could not be sent to.
Email marketing tool LianaMailer's UI on phone and laptop

Text messages and smooth mobile marketing

Our software scales to various mobile marketing needs and is also suitable for text message marketing.

  • Send responsive emails – LianaMailer optimizes the reading experience regardless of the device.
  • Use our editor to test how your message will look on different devices.
  • Send effective SMS campaigns with the same tool.
  • You can also create 2-way SMS campaigns to collect SMS responses from your recipients.
Two persons using email marketing tool LianaMailer on laptop

Test and review your campaigns

You can increase the likelihood of your content being noticed and reacted to by using the testing and personalization features of LianaMailer.

  • Compare the effect of two or more alternative headlines by using A/B testing and choose the one with the best opening percentage.
  • Content filtering allows you to make different versions of your letter according to the individual features of your subscribers.

Use Cases

LianaMailer is the solution for a wide range of marketing needs for different types of operators – internal communications, text message marketing, and event marketing are just a few use cases. If the use case you are looking for is missing from the list below, contact us to discuss your needs.

Use LianaMailer successfully for B2B marketing purposes. 

Leverage your customer data in email campaigns by integrating LianaMailer with customer databases, such as a CRM system. Find hot leads among the cold ones by using comprehensive reports, which provide data down to the level of individual persons and clicks.

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LianaMailer enables the most important elements of successful consumer communication: targeting, personalized content and up-to-date registers.

Send targeted campaigns by filtering your mailing lists based on features, such as location or interests. Create different versions of your message based on the receiver's characteristics. You can also include products browsed in your online store in the message, or add products based on the purchase and browsing history.

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Add polls to your messages to collect important information and increase interaction with your readers.

You can, for example, map out which topics your subscribers are interested in or find out the customers’ satisfaction with the service on a scale of 1 to 5.

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Use LianaMailer for internal communications and keep the members of your organization up to date. In addition to important content, a recurring letter with the organization's tone and visual look delights its recipients.

Together with the email marketing tool, our marketing automation platform LianaAutomation makes internal communications easier. You can create automated messages based on intranet data as an RSS feed, send repeated employee surveys, and utilize automations when onboarding a new employee.

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Send GDPR-friendly newsletters to keep your important stakeholders informed. Use AI to generate copy texts efficiently, engage your readers with personalized content and increase interaction with them by adding various multimedia elements to the letter.

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You can do text message marketing with LianaMailer. Send effective text message campaigns, or send 2-way SMS messages to collect SMS responses from your recipients.

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Use LianaMailer to send individual, GDPR-compatible transactional messages, like receipts and order confirmations.

Liana provides an API endpoint and dedicated server for sending transactional content. You can also utilize the text message feature of LianaMailer in your transactional communications.

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An automation chain created with auto email software LianaAutomation

Start Sending Automated Emails

For the best results, use your email marketing tool together with our marketing automation tool LianaAutomation. With this combined auto email software, you can:

  • Implement properly timed marketing actions based on your customer data.
  • Automate the sending of repeated emails, like booking messages.
  • Reach new customers effectively and deepen existing customer relationships.
  • Create automated messages to guide your lead toward the purchase decision.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of manual work.

Liana’s email marketing software is easy to use and the support provided by their Customer Success Team helps us to come up with new innovative ideas and enhance the content. We’re now in a situation where the monthly newsletter supports our direct sales & marketing and our products and solutions are well-known in the MEA region.

Erik Helin
CEO, Specta

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

Email marketing offers several benefits: it allows you to efficiently reach the right target audiences, engage in cost-effective marketing, leverage your own data, and measure the success of your campaigns, to name just a few benefits. Additionally, it effortlessly adapts to the needs of various organizations.

Starting with email marketing is easy with the right partner and tool. First, determine what are your goals and what you want to achieve with email marketing to help you choose the right platform. Read our email marketing tool comparison to know what to consider when choosing an email marketing platform. Our article will also help you plan your email marketing strategy once you have acquired the tool.

There are multiple things to consider when creating a successful email marketing campaign: setting clear goals, identifying your target audience, creating engaging content, etc. Read our article to get ideas for your email marketing campaigns by creating needs for your products or services.

There are multiple email marketing softwares and partners to choose from and deciding between them can feel challenging. In this article, we list more specific questions that are important to consider when choosing an email marketing partner regarding onboarding and customer support, functions and integrations, security and sustainability, etc.

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