LianaMailer™ - Power tool for effective e-mail marketing

LianaMailer™ - Power tool for effective e-mail marketing

LianaMailer™ - Power tool for effective e-mail marketing Anna Mäkelä LianaMailer's Online support Chat works like a dream. I never have to wait for an answer. Anna Mäkelä Communications Manager, IAB Finland

LianaMailer is an easy to use tool for email marketing and creating graphic newsletters with your corporate feel and look. The tool is versatile thus used both by small companies as well as large corporations in demanding industry areas.

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Compose newsletters easily

Composing newsletters with LianaMailer is easy and fun with the modern Drag & Drop editor.

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  • Add, delete or move your content blocks freely

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  • Drag and drop pictures straight from desktop

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  • Add text, images, links or pdf. Modify, edit and send!

Measure your results

LianaMailer has topnotch reporting tools to measure the results of your newsletters.

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  • Delivered messages & bounces
  • OR (Open ratio) and CTR (Click-through-ratio)

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  • Leads: emails of people who clicked
  • Opens and clicks by day and hour

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  • Amount of emails opened on mobile and desktop
  • Distribution of email clients

Correct display of newsletters

View image Correct display of newsletters

Message templates are tested with all the most common e-mail clients to make sure that everything functions as planned. Images in messages open up automatically.

LianaMailer has reputable servers with no worries for spam problems. Around 100 million newsletters are sent through them yearly so you can be sure that your messages are sent and received without any problems.

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Newsletter Case

Newsletter Case Sofia Sandqvist We needed a newsletter that was user friendly and smart and would also appear as planned in the receivers end without any excessive loading of images. Sofia Sandqvist Marketing Designer, Halti Oy

Halti, Finland's leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor sports and recreation equipment, needed a tool to reach their consumers via newsletters. The recipients of the newsletter were known to be many different groups: Halti's own customers as well as the clientele of two different outlet stores. The tool would also have many different users.

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