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Newsletter Polls

Activate Your Receivers with Newsletter Polls

Increase interaction with newsletter recipients by adding polls and their results to your messages. At the same time, you can collect useful answers related to topics that interest you, entertain your readers, and increase the click-through rate of your newsletter.

Liana's employees creating newsletters that include polls

Easily Create Newsletters with Polls

Creating newsletters with polls is handy with the email marketing tool LianaMailer. With the easy-to-use editor, you can add polls to any part of the newsletter, define the number of questions yourself, and add the texts you want as answer options. You can also share poll results in your next letters.

The email marketers of our team are satisfied with LianaMailer's editor, which is particularly convenient and simplifies the creation of newsletters.

Stefan Ambrosch
Product Manager Digital Media / WEKA Fachmedien

Utilize Newsletter Surveys for Different Purposes

Examples of newsletter polls created with email marketing tool LianaMailer

Customer feedback

Collect customer feedback with newsletter polls. For example, you can ask about the customer's satisfaction with the service they received on a scale of 1–5.


Find out which topics your newsletter subscribers are interested in and what sort of content they want to receive.

Internal newsletters

A poll enriches the content of the internal newsletter. It can entertain, create a sense of togetherness, and provide an easy way to influence the decisions made in the organization.

Share the results

Create continuity in your content by highlighting the results of previous polls in your newsletters.

Segment based on answers

Segment your newsletter receivers based on the poll answers to target them with even more relevant content. You can start marketing automation chains based on responses, and also share response information within your organization.

Track and share poll results

You can follow the poll results in the reports of LianaMailer. See the number of clicks on the answer options, and compare poll results accordingly. You can also add the results to your next newsletter if you wish.

Utilize your existing survey tool

Does your organization already have a survey tool in use? You can take advantage of the tool by easily embedding the surveys created with it into newsletters.

I’m especially satisfied with the reporting feature that LianaMailer has. We needed a tool with which it’s possible to monitor the database health and features to help us to analyze how successful our newsletter campaigns are.

Ayu Kartika Sari
Group Manager for Digital Marketing / Swiss-Belhotel International

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