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Colleagues at Liana Technologies discussing together

Our values

When the company was just starting out, these five things were drafted by the founders who were gathered around the table at the very first office of Liana Technologies. These are still the core of the company ideology. We know we are doing the right things as LianaCrew when these values manifest in our everyday work.

Shaking hands

Honesty and Trust

Everything we do is based on honesty. We have trust in the people we work with and we take pride in always being true to our word.

Bar chart with arrow pointing up


A healthy business provides us the resources to secure our existence, continue our growth and invest in our employees and customers.

Globe with shield containing a checkmark


We take care of our own responsibilities towards the people around us. We obey the law and follow agreements. We are selfless in serving others in the best possible way.

Arrows circling a heart


With a smile on our faces and a positive outlook on things, we want to leave a lasting impression of kindness and respect.

Lit light bulb


We nurture the innovative spirit and are always aware that everything is in constant movement. We give people the needed freedom and opportunities for the best solutions to flourish.