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Marketing and communications technology provider Liana Technologies is Finland's partner for Expo 2020 in Dubai

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Software service provider Liana Technologies is the marketing and communications software provider for Business Finland’s operations related to the World Expo 2020 which will be held in Dubai, United ...

UNDERSÖKNING: En internationell undersökning visar att pressmeddelanden har blivit mer relevanta i journalisters arbete

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Relevansen av pressmeddelanden i journalisters arbete har ökat under de senaste 18 månaderna. Detta enligt den enkät som den molnbaserade leverantören av digital marknadsföring och kommunikationsprogr...

SURVEY: International study shows that press releases have become more relevant in journalists' work

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The relevance of press releases in journalists’ work has grown over the last year and a half. This is one of the main results that surfaced from a survey for journalists that cloud-based digital marke...

Liana Technologies is the National Winner for Finland in its award category and advances to the EBA grand final

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Liana Technologies has been chosen as the National Winner for Finland in the EBA (European Business Awards) for the second year in a row in Customer and Market Engagement Award. The company will conti...

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The unforeseen situation at hand invites marketers, communicators, entrepreneurs and business owners to find new ways of existing – mainly by taking all things online. Check out our tips on how to do marketing in the days of #socialdistancing:

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⛴ With more than 40 routes taking place, FinFerries users were looking for a quicker way to browse through the schedules of their favorite routes. Read how Liana Technologies helped FinFerries to provide an easy-to-use app: #mobileappdevelopment

Are you working remotely? 💻💼 See @Career_Karma's tips for remote work:

Next week we'll host a webinar about current marketing automation and content marketing trends. Grab a cup of coffee or your favourite tea and tune in to Online Marketing Breakfast with Liana Technologies on March 25th. Register now:

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