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Liana Technologies Highlights Easy-to-use Marketing and Communications Technology and How Organizations Can Lead Wellbeing on Their Dubai Expo VIP Day

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Software service provider Liana Technologies is the marketing and communications software provider for Business Finland’s operations related to the World Expo 2020 which will be held in Dubai, United ...

SURVEY: A recent study by Liana Technologies reveals that only 11% of marketers measure the ROI of email marketing

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In early 2021, Liana Technologies conducted a survey about the current state of email marketing. The international survey was answered by 240 marketing and communications professionals from six differ...

Liana Technologies arrives in the Brazilian market to provide state-of-the-art media monitoring and press release distribution services

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Liana Technologies, a European SaaS company with over 15 years of experience in offering marketing and communications professionals high-quality and user-friendly digital marketing and communications ...

Liana Technologies partners up with Pipedrive to offer full-scale sales & marketing solutions

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 Software service provider Liana Technologies has commenced as a Pipedrive Elite partner offering Pipedrive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to its clients. The company is also integratin...

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RT @TKSaikkonen: When was the last time you reviewed your email marketing strategy to ensure it’s getting you the results it’s capable of? Download a copy of Liana's email marketing playbook and start getting results 🚀

Every organization has its motives for doing email marketing, and we have listed quite a few different reasons under these categories: ⚡️ Behavioral 💡 Informational 🛒 Promotional Learn more about email marketing basics with our beginner's guide:

In our recently published email marketing guide for beginners, we provide a handy information package on modern email marketing for anyone interested in the field. See the highlights and download the guide 👇

Click-through rate (CTR) shows you how many recipients clicked a link in your newsletter, and with detailed email marketing, you're able to see many times each link was clicked and who the clickers were 🔗 Learn more about email marketing CTR 👉

Did you know that 53% of online shoppers say that they have stopped buying from an online store because of a bad user experience? 😬 Learn how you can improve the online customer experience ⬇️ #ecommerce

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