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Transforming digital marketing

From local players to global brands, we truly love to work with diverse marketing teams across different industries and cultures. We know that your marketing team may be spread all around the globe, which is great.

Using our tools is easy regardless of your device and location. The single sign-on to all our tools was designed specifically for that and our tools take away all the integration pains you might have. With Liana, your data will not rot in silos.

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We let marketers focus on the essentials

We take care of the technology and integrations.
You take care of the content and messaging.
Without any IT headache.

We save your time to focus on what matters

The single sign-on of our tools was designed for marketers who are always on-the-go. With our integrated analytics you always know what works and we help your team to deliver.

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From data to hyper-targeted

We help you to use data to do 100% relevant messaging to your customers. Right message, right time and right channel. We got it covered.

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We scale with You

Whether an advanced digital marketer or a beginner, we adjust to the needs of your team and help you to grow as a digital forerunner.

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Real challenges - Solved

We don't just consult, we deliver tangible results: increasing conversion, driving sales, measuring ROI. Don't trust our word, trust the data.

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We are always there to give a hand

Marketing deadlines are nothing to smile about. We know.

With our devoted support and customer success team, marketers will never miss their deadlines due to technical issues or a lack of a helping hand. Our NPS score of over 70 tells a story that we are truly there to help.

From Marketers to Marketers

Our core team has over 20 years of experience in Marketing & PR technology. With heavy industry experience and our dedicated in-house marketing team using the tools every day you can rest assured that most of the problems you have are already solved by us.

Marketing & PR technology that helps you to win the hearts of your customers

Meet our 3,500+ customers