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AI Helps You to Measure Your Communications and Target Your Content


The discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all its possibilities runs hot within the community of marketing and communications professionals. Even though the hype on AI is still very much focused on futuristic visions, many organizations have taken a true interest in AI's benefits and what additional value its features can bring to the day-to-day communications work.

We at Liana Technologies have developed AI technologies for a while now and our first AI-based services are now ready to be utilized. Our Liana® PR Cloud communications entity contains a machine learning feature that can process enormous amounts of online data and determine the tone of a piece of news or an online discussion according to the examples given to it.

But what are the benefits of communications services that utilize AI, and especially what does AI-based media monitoring offer to communications professionals? Here are a few concrete examples of how AI can help you measure the effectiveness of your communications and also target your content better to your audiences.

AI tells where your press release is written about

When you press send on your press release, you probably want to know which media outlets cover it. A media monitoring service that utilizes AI can go through the content of your press release and automatically create a monitor that collects all the articles and pieces written about this specific press release. This way you can immediately read what was written about your release and where, and you get to see the concrete effects of your communication efforts to your organization's media visibility – one release at a time.

AI recognizes the tone you're written about

AI-based media monitoring can also analyze the contents of the news pieces and articles it has collected, and tell you whether they've been written in a positive, neutral or negative tone. Typically these kinds of tone analyses are done manually by people which means the process takes a lot of time and resources. AI, on the other hand, does the analysis cost-effectively and in real time. This enables you to react to negative news about your organization with your own media release as soon as you receive an email about any negative publicity.

A tone analysis that AI compiles also gives you an idea of what the current state of your organization's or brand's image in the media is and what direction it takes with effective PR work. Even negative publicity can be turned into positive once it is clear which media outlets you should target in the future.

AI helps you to become the active expert of your industry

Unlike traditional media monitoring services, AI-based media monitoring can search news related to a certain topic without laborious keyword optimization. With semantic media monitoring, you can easily find out what are the most discussed topics in your industry, in which channels are these discussions taking place and which journalists write about the topics that your organization wants to take a stand on. By providing timely and well-written content to the right target group of journalists, you and your organization have the chance to stand out from the rest and become your industry's key opinion leader and trendsetter.

How about the future?

AI can already do everything that was described in the previous examples. But what is in store for the future?

We are now in the process of developing new AI features to our services and in the very near future, our AI features will be able to search suitable recipients for press releases based on the content of the press release and by utilizing our media database. In addition, AI can tell more accurately and clearly which themes and contents in your own communications you should invest in to get visibility in the channels that you want to.

If you are interested in AI-based communications and would like to know more about Liana Technologies' services, contact us and we'll talk more!

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