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Newsletters That Reach Your Stakeholders Effectively

Use the newsletter tool LianaMailer to send beautiful, GDPR-compliant messages that keep your essential stakeholders updated. With the easy-to-use editor and modern templates, you can build newsletters that deliver your message the best way possible. High-quality servers ensure that your message reaches the recipient instead of the spam folder.

A smiling person using newsletter tool LianaMailer on laptop

Create Your Own Newsletter Easily and Quickly

Creating good-looking messages is easy with the newsletter tool LianaMailer: the user-friendly Drag & Drop editor allows you to compile messages from different elements. All you need to do is to drag the content elements into place and arrange them the way you like. Easy and simple!

Newsletter templates created for newsletter tool LianaMailer

Email Marketing Templates for You to Choose

LianaMailer offers you versatile ways to edit the newsletter. From a broad template library, you can choose your favorite newsletter template and keep editing it according to your taste and brand. You can also order a customized template from us, which has the look and feel of your brand.

The email marketers of our team are satisfied with LianaMailer's editor, which is particularly convenient and simplifies the creation of newsletters.

Stefan Ambrosch
Product Manager Digital Media / WEKA Fachmedien

Enrich Your Content with Versatile Elements

Two newsletters sent with newsletter tool LianaMailer

RSS feeds

Make content production easier by bringing content from your websites or other sources as RSS feed to your newsletter. You can manually select articles from the feed or choose how many recent articles are shown.

Images and texts

Increase interaction with your readers by using polls and surveys. You can also share the survey results with your readers in the following letters.


Capture your readers' attention with video content. You can easily embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other video services.

Polls and surveys

Compile the body of your message easily: all you have to do is to drag the desired image and text sections into place. You can add image files to your newsletter template directly from the desktop without downloading them separately to the software.

LianaMailer is a tool that is easy to use – flexible and simple. You can customize the newsletters to create a personalized relationship with the client.

Digital Marketing Executive / Novotel

Engage readers with personalized content

With LianaMailer you can personalize your messages to suit the receiver's interests and make the content more relevant. Newsletter personalization can be done by adding targeted content sections to the message, based on the recipient's location, for example.

Avoid the spam folder with us

With our newsletter tool, your messages end up where they should. Our deliverability is top-level – high-quality servers enable a high delivery rate and reduce the chances of your emails ending up in the spam folder.

Find out how your content was responded to

Want to know how many responders clicked the links of your newsletter? Find out open and click rates and other important metrics from the comprehensive reports of our newsletter tool. You can also easily share reports with other members of your organization.

GDPR-Compliant Newsletter Software

Send GDPR-friendly newsletters with no worries. The features of LianaMailer comply with the applicable GDPR policy. Among other things, you can:

  • collect, store and handle all personal data accordingly
  • easily manage consents
  • confirm your subscribers are qualified
  • define your grounds for sending

Our marketing professionals can craft and send newsletters in a quick schedule with LianaMailer because the template is easily modifiable. The software is easy-to-use, reliable, and modifiable to our needs.

Carolina Harjulin
Marketing Manager, Hertz Finland

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