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When you require more than a DIY email marketing tool.

Branded newsletter template

With AI assistant

Creating engaging newsletters is easy with a template that is always recognized as your brand and a selection of tailor-made blocks designed for your needs.

An AI content writer will help you overcome writer's block and make content creation easy and fun — you will never have to start creating the newsletters from scratch.

Versatile block options to choose from

Utilize more impactful content in your newsletters, videos, polls, RSS feeds, and more. Often video content is the most powerful way to convey the message in newsletters or email campaigns.

Sending the newsletter

LianaMailer is designed to ensure you send optimized newsletters and campaigns with a high deliverability rate.

  • A/B testing: Utilize A/B testing of subject lines to optimize the open rates.
  • Ensure GDPR-compliant contact list building and sending newsletters to GDPR compliment lists.
  • Spam check notifies you if you need to optimize your letter content before sending.
  • High deliverability is ensured with high-quality servers, dedicated deliverability specialists, and 20 years of ongoing development.

After the sending

Reporting is designed to give insights into the most important KPI providing information that is needed to improve campaign efficiency.

  • Monitoring database health is essential for the deliverability and success rate of your campaigns.
  • Detect any issues with your contact details by monitoring the bounce rate on the reports after sending the letters.
  • See how the receivers are engaging with the letters from a heatmap on the report - create new target lists for example based on link clicks.

Marketing Automation one step away


When you are ready to expand to other outbound channels and automate your marketing tasks - you can easily upgrade and start utilizing marketing automation on the same familiar platform. Utilize LianaMailer's newsletter templates seamlessly on your automation campaigns.

Personal onboarding

We’re with you each step of the way. Enjoy an easy start with the tool once everything is set up, starting from a ready newsletter template to work with. After onboarding, you'll have the continuous support of our specialists.

Onboarding starts with defining the level and the extent of the onboarding and the schedule.
Starting with the visual design for the tailored branded newsletter template as well as technical implementation and coding of the templates.
Solution overview, getting started with the use of the tool, and training to ensure efficient use of LianaMailer.
Middle checkpoint to see that everything is running smoothly with the solution and if additional training is needed.
Enjoy an easy start with the tool once everything's set and ready to go.
You will have ongoing support from the dedicated account manager helping with the use of the tool, helping with reporting, and giving monthly recommendations. We are continuously developing our tool and your account manager will make sure that you are onboarded for the newest features and get the most out of the tool.

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