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How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Provider? – 20 Questions to Help You

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There is a large number of companies that offer email marketing services and newsletter tools on the market. However, comparing them and selecting the most suitable one for your organization can be challenging – even if you already have an idea of what an ideal tool would entail.

For example, an easy-to-use software, the visual look of the newsletters, security issues, and the price, to name a few, can be some of the important factors that first come to mind when looking for an email marketing service provider.

In this article, we list more specific questions that are important to consider when choosing an email marketing partner. The questions will help both those who are only getting started with email marketing and professionals who are considering switching their provider.

You can also download our 24-page Email Marketing for Beginners guide, in which we covered the topic originally.

Ask your potential service providers these 20 questions to find the best email marketing solution for your organization:

Onboarding and customer support

  1. Does the company provide an onboarding program and training to help you get the most out of the tools and service?
  2. Is it possible to get more training and help later on?
  3. Do the training sessions cost money?
  4. Does the company provide customer support services? What are the channels (e.g. phone, email, or online chat) and service hours for contacting them?
  5. Can the company answer your questions about the software quickly?
Learn more about effective onboarding processes in our article A Successful Customer Onboarding Process – What Is It? 

The potential partner company

  1. Who really provides the service and the software?
  2. Does the platform include source code from a third party?
  3. Who has access to the information that is uploaded into the system?
  4. How long is the supply chain behind your service provider? Do they sell a program developed by one company, modified by another, and imported by a third one?
  5. What do the customers say about the company? What’s their NPS, and do they have any customer references or positive feedback to show you?

Functions and integrations

  1. Can the service provider tailor the specific functionalities that you may need?
  2. Do they have access to the source code?
  3. Do they have experience in similar implementations?
  4. Are their programs compatible with different back-end systems? When companies aim to grow their email marketing activities, it often becomes necessary to integrate newsletter registers to, for example, CRM systems. 
  5. Does the company have ready-made integrations to the software that you use?
  6. Is the company willing or able to build custom integrations if needed?

Security and sustainability

  1. Does the company send emails from their own servers?
  2. Are the data centers of the service provider managed sustainably?
  3. Is security taken care of sufficiently? How about backups? Ask for a description of their information security. 
  4. Does the company comply with all laws and regulations related to user data in your area, such as GDPR?

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