Send transactional messages with personalized content

Transactional messages are GDPR compatible individual messages to single receivers, such as confirmation messages, notifications, commercial receipts, or messages for password modifications. Liana offers the API interface and a server dedicated to transactional emails.

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Why choose Liana's transactional emails?


Liana's solution for transactional messages

1. Highest-level deliverability: With a dedicated sending server, it is made sure that the time-critical transactional messages will be delivered to the receiver's inbox with timely accuracy.

2. You don't need two separate systems: Send the marketing messages and the transactional messages from the same system. 

3. Easy personalization: Our transactional messages are personalized to your receivers. 

4. Text message marketing is possible too: Liana provides also text message marketing from the same UI.

Agile messaging   

  • GDPR-friendly solution
  • High deliverability and quality servers
  • Integrable with a variety of 3rd-party applications using REST/API interface
  • Message templates are personalized to the brand's visual identity
  • Comprehensive reporting possibilities
  • Easy-to-use interface

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Over 3,500 companies trust Liana Technologies to deliver their Marketing & PR Technology stack worldwide. Liana has customers in 29 different countries and the technology is offered in several different languages. Our motto is Liana ️️️️️️️ Marketers, and the love is mutual. 

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