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Event marketing

Automate Event Marketing from Invitations to Thank You Messages

Speed up routine tasks and reduce the amount of manual work by automating event marketing stages from invitations to post-event engagement messages. Marketing automation tool LianaAutomation enables you to reach your target audience in multiple channels and you learn more about the participants of your event.

Event marketing newsletter examples for marketing automation

Utilize Automation Before the Event

Invitations to events and reminder messages can be sent within the same automation chain in LianaAutomation. 

  • Schedule automated confirmation and reminder messages: send confirmations immediately after registration and remind about an upcoming event 24 hours or one hour before the event, for example.
  • Send related content to event participants, such as links, QR codes, directions for arrival, or surveys where you can ask about participants' vibes before the event.
  • Send targeted and personalized automated messages based on whether a particular participant is attending live or via stream.
  • With automation, you make sure that the right kind of messages reach those that have already signed up for your event and those that haven't responded to your invitation yet.
Marketing automation workflow for post-event marketing messages

Automation Boosts Your Post-Event Engagement

Marketing automation is a huge advantage in the marketing actions related to post-event engagement:

  • Target your messages according to participation data: thank those that were present and send a recording for those that couldn't make it.
  • Send an automated feedback survey to event participants. You can ask for an opinion about the event by utilizing the newsletter template's poll element.
  • Advertise your other events to those that participated.
  • Utilize the same automation chain as a template for your next events and reduce the time you use for manual work.

Currently, our newsletters reach 4,000–6,000 people every month, which can be seen in active participation in our webinars.

Vilma Autio
Marketing designer, Eventilla

Reach recipients in multiple different channels

With our automation tool, you can combine multiple channels to the same event marketing automation chain: newsletters, SMS and WhatsApp messages, Google Ads advertising, mobile app push notifications, as well as automated print campaigns.

Collect marketing consents at events

You can collect marketing consents at your events and automatically export them to LianaAutomation and other Liana tools. This way, you can easily increase the number of your newsletter subscribers, for instance.

Learn more about the participants of your events

With LianaAutomation, all information about event participation and other details learned about the participant are saved to the customer profile. You can utilize this data when creating segments for new marketing campaigns.

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Make Event Management Easier with Integrations

The integration between marketing automation tool LianaAutomation and event management systems enables effortless event management and marketing communications.

Due to integrations, registration information is automatically updated to LianaAutomation, for example, which allows you to send targeted communications to the event participants, such as confirmation messages and reminders.

Liana's experts offer their help for event marketing automations

Ensure Results with Our Experts

Implement effective event marketing automations together with our experts!

We help you with planning your campaigns, as well as creating them, and ensure that you reach your goals with marketing automation. The service also covers the continuous development of your campaigns and regular reporting of the results.

Liana’s team is familiar with our wishes and previous materials. Based on this, they are able to offer us proposals for impactful and target-supporting communications.

Marika Voss
Communications, Finnish Golf Union

How to Utilize Marketing Automation in Event Organizing

Arranging an event takes a lot of work and includes a list of things to remember – invitations, tickets, confirmation messages, reminders, and other informative messages, not to mention event marketing. That’s why every event organizer’s toolkit should include marketing automation.

In this article, you’ll find tips on how to start planning marketing automation and instructions on how to utilize marketing automation with online and hybrid events.

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