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More efficient marketing with LianaAutomation

Designed to enhance the customer experience, optimize marketing processes, and ultimately boost the overall effectiveness of your business.

Efficiency in Customer Segmentation

Precise customer segmentation enables the execution of targeted and personalized marketing. Create tailored campaigns for different target audiences.

Automated Campaigns

The tool provides the opportunity to automate marketing campaigns, saving time and ensuring consistent communication across various channels.

Optimization of Upselling and Cross-selling

LianaAutomation helps businesses identify customer interests to recommend relevant products and services, increasing upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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Main features:

  • Automations
  • Journey builder
  • Build-in newsletter template
  • Segments
  • Person view

Automate Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Utilize marketing automation to capture leads


  • Utilize automation in the lead-capturing process with your content.
  • Capture data from your website, online store, social media channels, or CRM.
  • Use the data to create workflows consisting of newsletters, SMS messages, paid ads, and mobile app push notifications.




  • Utilize automation to build meaningful relationships with prospective customers, by providing them with appropriate and relevant content at every stage of the buyer's journey.
  • Nurture leads with personalized content based on the specific product they are interested in or a specific problem they want to solve.
Utilize marketing automation to convert leads


  • Trigger relevant automated workflows to convert your audience at the right time with relevant and timely offers.
  • Also, utilize automation to provide sales with lead data for timely contact.

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Get started with our support

We have designed easy onboarding of LianaAutomation with dedicated support and will manage the integration into your current systems. This simplifies the implementation process, enabling you to swiftly reap the benefits of the new tool.

Kick-off meeting with your sales contact person and project manager, specification of your automation use cases, and onboarding process scheduling.
Solution overview, getting started with the use of the tool, and training to ensure efficient use of LianaAutomation. Building an automation workflow together based on your automation use cases.
Middle checkpoint to see that everything is running smoothly with the solution and if additional training is needed.
Project wrap-up meeting and handover to account manager. You will have ongoing support from the dedicated account manager helping with the use of the tool, helping with reporting, and giving monthly recommendations. We are continuously developing our tool and your account manager will ensure you are onboarded for the newest features and get the most out of the tool.
Enjoy an easy start with the tool once everything's set and ready to go.

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You can find inspiring and useful marketing automation content on Liana's blog. We regularly post new articles, infographics, videos, and guides on our blog.

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