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Personalize WordPress site with Marketing Automation

With the upcoming integration of LianaAutomation and WordPress, you can create personalized site views based on the segments you have carefully determined. Contact us and you'll be among the first ones to hear about the updates in the tool.

Who can personalize their website?

LianaAutomation and WordPress' integration is suitable for anyone who wants to utilize marketing automation to personalize their WordPress website and to use A/B testing on their content. The integration will help you to work in a data responsible way and to use your own data, i.e. 1st party data.

What kind of a website can you personalize?

You can personalize content with marketing automation on a WordPress website that uses the Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is a content editor that lets you edit and manage your website's content yourself and to improve them forward independently.

What benefits does personalization offer?

By personalizing your website content you can efficiently target messages to the right target groups, grow ROI, improve customer experience, and stand out from your competitors – just to mention a few benefits. With the integration you'll be able to utilize page visitors' data and customer data from different data sources.

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Why should you personalize the content of your WordPress site?

Content personalization improves the customer experience and the conversion of your website. The content personalized based on the site visitor's attributes is more relevant, attractive, and engages effectively.

  • Improve conversion: Increase the conversion rate of your pages with personalized offers and product recommendations, as well as by A/B testing the effectiveness of content.
  • Utilize customer data: You can use customer data from various sources when creating personalizations.
  • Reduce immediate bounce rate: Page visitors stay longer with relevant content targeted to them.

What kind of value can website personalization bring?

  • Better customer experience: Personalized content that's based on the visitor's attributes is more appropriate, attractive, and engaging
  • Stronger brand: You can attract positive attention and stand out from competitors with personalized website content
  • Make customer's decision making easier: Consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer content that's personalized to their needs
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How can I personalize my site content?

  • You will soon be able to personalize your WordPress site content per visitor based on the segments you define in the marketing automation platform LianaAutomation: create different texts, images, and whole content views.
  • To define the segments (or target groups) for different content views, you can use other systems integrated into LianaAutomation, such as CRM or ERP.
  • The segment data is automatically transmitted to WordPress and each segment will see a website view that you have customized for them.
  • You can also A/B test the content and analyze the results based on conversions.

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These automation features you can already use in WordPress

We are constantly developing the integration of WordPress and the marketing automation tool LianaAutomation. You can already take advantage of these features:

  • Forms: Segment the customer data obtained from the forms on the WordPress site and make automations based on the form data.
  • Site tracking: segment and make automations based on site visits.
  • WooCommerce: segment and make automations based on online store order data.