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Marketing Automation in eCommerce: 10 Practical Examples

Marketing automation can notably increase the sales of a webstore. We gathered ten practical examples of automated messages in eCommerce.

Marketing Automation Benefits in Numbers

Marketing automation is used in a growing number of companies and many are considering it. Automation is commonly regarded as something that boosts your business and saves resources but what do the studies say? Is marketing automation worthwhile?

Marketing Automation in Practice, Part 4: Taking Full Advantage of the Existing Customer Data

Most companies continuously gather an enormous amount of data about their customers. Despite the amount of information, the big picture is often hazy – not to mention that all this data would be taken advantage of in marketing actions.

Marketing Automation in Practice, Part 3: Drip Campaigns – Step by Step Towards a Goal

Automated drip campaigns allow you to direct, teach and re-engage your customers on a longer time span. In the third part of our article series, we go through some practical examples of drip campaigns.

Marketing Automation in Practice, Part 2: How to Identify a Visitor

Marketing automation has a growing role in the buyer's journey. But how to transform an anonymous website visitor into a customer? And when does marketing automation step into the picture?

Marketing Automation in Support of Sales: Lead Generation and Nurturing

The importance of web services and content in the buying process has increased significantly. However, you shouldn't leave the customer alone and hope for the best.

What is Agile Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation interests a growing number of business directors and marketing professionals. It is still, however, a fairly unknown concept and only some know what marketing automation actually means.

Marketing Automation - Creative Partner's Friend?

The amount of content production in companies grows exponentially along with automation. As content has traditionally been the creative partner's speciality, the agencies should now be experiencing a new boom. It seems, however, that the money is spent elsewhere – why?