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We regularly post new articles, infographics, videos and guides in our blog.

10 Most Common Misconceptions About Marketing Automation

Marketers are finally embracing the potential of marketing automation tools. But before we get to work, let's shed a few of the most common marketing automation misconceptions.

5 Questions and Answers: This Is How You Get Started with Marketing Automation (Without Any Grey Hair)

Marketing automation can be a long, distressing and expensive project – or not. We gathered five questions and tips from professionals. Are you thinking about marketing automation? Ask yourself these questions!

6 Ways to Improve Online Customer Experience in Tourism

In the first article in our series, we presented the ways to improve online experience in eCommerce. Then, we continued the discussion with the tips on how to build a superior online experience in the IT industry. In the last article in this series, we compiled the list of 6 ways to improve online experience in tourism.

6 Ways to Improve Online Customer Experience in IT

In January we dived into online customer experiences in e-Commerce. Now it’s time to take a look at the ways to build a superior online experience in the IT industry.

14 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

For most of those who do professional marketing, an automation tool is either an everyday instrument or at least is on the top of the shopping list for 2017. Here are 14 reasons to take it into action!

10 Trends in Digital Marketing to Happen in 2017 [Infographic]

At the beginning of the new year, it's important for a digital marketer to analyze their marketing actions during the past year and check if they utilize the most important tools. This is also the time to plan marketing tactics for the upcoming year. Read our list of marketing trends you should look into in 2017.

4 Ways to Use Marketing Automation in Everyday Problems

Automating marketing can help SMEs get rid of the manual work and helps them run very targeted campaigns with fewer resources. For larger corporations marketing automation is also vital as it handles large masses of customers in many different segments. Let's review four situations, where marketing automation is beneficial for different kinds of companies.

Buying Process at a Turning Point – Do You Lead Your Customers Through the Buyer's Journey?

In March, we shed some light on the subject of omnichannel marketing in our blog. Mapping out the customer's digital journey and defining the roles of marketing channels are some of the most important elements of omnichannel marketing. This month we'll take a look at the digital buying process.

From Multi-Channel to Omnichannel Marketing

During the last year a visitor may have heard the term omnichannel marketing in the aisles of marketing trade fairs. Professionals talk about seamless customer experiences in different channels and a new way of thinking when it comes to marketing. What has changed or has anything?

O2O – How to Combine Online and Offline Customer Experience

O2O i.e. online-to-offline marketing aims to reach the customer through multiple channels exactly where they might be at a particular time. What different ways can you use to combine the online and offline customer experience?