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Why Should You Use WhatsApp Together with Marketing Automation?

Are you ready to expand your marketing to WhatsApp? This article tells you how to get the most out of WhatsApp conversations and data by using the app together with a marketing automation tool.

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2019 VS 2022: Where Are We Now?

Back in the beginning of 2019, we created an article with some marketing predictions for the far year 2022. Well, it appears that we are here now. Are you curious like us to know if what was predicted in 2019 will happen in 2022 (or has already happened)? 

Guide: Marketing Automation for Beginners

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

You’ve probably heard about Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature. Many marketers might be wondering what the new feature means in practice and how it will change our day-to-day email marketing tasks. We gathered all of the most important details of the update to this article.

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Marketing Automation - B2C Examples

How to Create a Need for Products or Services with Email Marketing

Your potential customers are not always aware of how the product or service you offer could benefit them, which creates a challenge for salespeople. Take a look at these 6 tips and learn how to use email marketing to successfully convince your potential customers that they need your product or service.