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How Do I Write a Good Subject Line?


Coming up with a good subject line isn't always easy – nevertheless it is one of the most important things in a newsletter. If your headline isn't interesting enough the content of the newsletter will be completely wasted. Your first task is to get the reader to open your newsletter.

  1. Try to use language that your readers will understand. A heading that sounds witty to you may evoke an opposite reaction at the readers' end, especially if you use difficult professional terms. Take your reader into account in everything you write.
  2. Test different options in your headings. Ask for feedback from your collegues for example – remember to test that the heading work in the technical environment as well. You can use A/B testing for your headings – with the help of it you can pick out the best heading from your options. A/B testing selects automatically a test group from among the newsletter receivers that will be used for testing the different variations of the heading. After the testing the best heading option will automatically be sent to the rest of the receivers.
  3. Try not to edit your text in the beginning of writing. When brainstorming it is good to let your thoughts run freely, you can end up with fresh ideas that are surprising and interesting.
  4. Make sure that the headline is in line with the newsletter content. If the heading is misleading the readers may feel that they have been cheated and won't open your letters in the future. 
  5. Pay special attention to the first words of the heading. Depending on the e-mail program a different number of words may be shown of the heading before it is opened. Therefore it is very important to think about the first words as well as try to summarize the newsletter content in the heading.