4 benefits of using a media monitoring service

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4 benefits of using a media monitoring service With a media monitoring service you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone is.

What benefits are there to using a media monitoring service? In addition to making it easy and effortless to follow daily news, its use has many benefits. We gathered four most essential benefits:

1. Controlling your reputation in the media

What the media says significantly affects people's thoughts and conceptions of companies and their products. That is why reputation management is an important part of every company's operations.

With a media monitoring service you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone is. You can quickly notice negative discussions related to your company in the media and social media and react to them before they affect your company's reputation in an unfavorable way. Speed is of the essence in social media crises and you need to be able to put out the fires fast. Media monitoring also helps you notice the pitfalls in your company's PR and develop your communications so that your company gets the media coverage you want.

2. Recognizing silent signals

It is increasingly important in communications to spot different kinds of silent signals. Media monitoring helps you notice which topics are discussed in your industry and what expectations your customers have. This way you can recognize future trends and keep up with the times. Listening to your customers and gathering silent signals is an important part of business and product development, as well as targeting your marketing.

3. Industry and competitor monitoring

Do you you know what your competitors are doing and how they communicate outwards? Who has been profiled as the expert in your particular field? Who do journalists interview when they want opinions about the changes and trends in your field? For the sake of developing your operations and communications it is important to know what kinds of products and services your competition produces and what tactics they use to get the attention of the media. If your competition gets a notable amount of visibility in the media, it's a sign that you should boost your communications as well.

4. Measuring the effectiveness of communications

Measuring the efficiency of communications gets easier with a media monitoring service. You get tangible evidence of how well your press releases are noted in the press and what the tone of discussion about your company is. As a user of a media monitoring service you get reports of your own media monitors to your email every morning. This way you can monitor how effective your communication is. You can also check what kind of communication brings you the most media coverage and develop your company's operations according to the results.

Especially the company management often wants concrete results of the ROI of communications. With the reports of media monitoring and the analytics included in them, it's easy to convince the management that your company's communications and PR have been profitable and that, among other things, reputation and brand creation can truly be influenced with communications.

Why choose LianaMonitor media monitoring service?

  • The service is very easy to use.
  • Our customer service specialists support you throughout the customership.
  • We customize the service according to your needs.

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