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Bold PR brought wide media awareness for a start-up company

Wellness studio Lupaus is a small-sized enterprise in the Helsinki metropolitan area, providing sports, nutrition and wellness services. Even though Lupaus mainly does its communication and marketing on its own, the company wanted to use outside help for doing PR. The company sent its first press release via Liana Technologies’ press release distribution service.

In the start-up phase, Lupaus wanted to utilize PR to reach potential customers in particular. For the main point of its first press release, Lupaus chose a subject that the company had carefully studied. Instead of the traditional “We have started our business” message, Lupaus ended up to create a press release written in a style of expert article. The text dealt with health and wellness through research and personal experiences.

Interesting topic gains media attention

The interesting topic of the press release rapidly caught the attention of the media and the general public. Riina Laaksonen, CEO of Wellness studio Lupaus, says that visibility in media has also been useful for acquiring corporate customers.

Being inspired by Liana’s contact person, Lupaus also decided to organize a press event of its operations. Broad informing brought the company visibility in wellness magazines and websites and also a mentioning in a health blog. The amount of Lupaus’ website visitors also rose significantly.

Cooperation for the best possible result

Lupaus has been very pleased with the results of their first press release. The company feels that the success of the informing was primarily due to the close cooperation with Liana’s customer service.

Lupaus' CEO Riina Laaksonen thinks that working with Liana's contact person was natural, easy and fun. Liana’s press release distribution service as a whole was exactly what Laaksonen expected and the best possible results were achieved together.

“We went through different possibilities and alternatives together and considered what they would mean for Lupaus. Communication was conversational, not commanding. I feel that me and my needs were truly listened”, Riina Laaksonen summarizes.


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