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Websites, Email Marketing

Kontram – Digital marketing for an industrial technology company

Kontram is one of Finland's leading providers of industrial measurement technology and automation solutions. Kontram chose Liana Technologies as its digital marketing and communications partner and now uses the Liana®Cloud Email Marketing newsletter tool and the Liana®Cloud Websites publishing system.

Kontram noted Liana’s expertise during the very first meetings and found the newsletter tool and website publishing system very easy to use. They were also impressed by the comprehensive analytics features and the special attention paid to GDPR compliance. Finally, good references and a successful presentation confirmed Kontram's decision to choose Liana Technologies as a partner.

“Liana's easy-to-use services have made our work related to newsletters and websites smoother. In addition, the good analytics features of the tools have helped us measure our performance better on these channels.”
Juuso Laitala
Marketing Manager, Kontram


Kontram has been very pleased with Liana's technical support and contact person, who has always been easily available. Liana's high-quality and modern systems have had a positive impact on how Kontram appears to its customers outside of the traditional sales channels. This has been reflected in steadily improved conversion rates.

“In addition to being easily accessible, the most important aim of our website is that our customers can find what they are looking for on our website and can reach us as effortlessly as possible.”
Juuso Laitala
Marketing Manager, Kontram


See Kontram’s website here.


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