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Functionality and Visuality to Financial Reporting

The annual report is the most important financial publication of the year. Nowadays it is not merely an infinite mass of text but a carefully planned and animated entity online. It must successfully communicate the financial indicators but also showcase the triumphs of a business. Fluent communication is key to a successful project. Fingrid’s annual report project with Liana Technologies hit all the marks.

Fingrid is a Finnish public limited liability company responsible for electricity transmission in the high-voltage transmission system in Finland. The transmission grid is the high-voltage trunk network that covers entire Finland. Major power plants, industrial plants, and regional electricity distribution networks are connected to the grid. The importance of an easy-to-read and stylish annual report is emphasized when the company in question has masses of data to report – like Fingrid.

The annual report for 2019 was Fingrid’s fourth collaboration with Liana Technologies. The company was so pleased with the report from the previous years that they wanted to utilize LianaCMS™ again. When Fingrid initially chose Liana Technologies as their technical partner, they had benchmarked the features they wanted the next online annual report provider to offer and Liana met these needs.

Dynamic features to visualize numerical data

Two technical features have risen as the main deciding factors for choosing LianaCMS™. An annual report is mainly a financial publication that includes a lot of numerical information. With LianaCMS™, this numerical information can be presented with charts that have dynamic visual effects. These make the information easy to read and absorb. Another important factor has been that the attachments of the financial statements can be added straight into the annual report’s charts by Liana’s team instead of using static screenshots.

Fluent and flexible collaboration

For the 2019 annual report, the financial and communications teams from Fingrid worked closely with communications agency Miltton and Liana Technologies so that the annual report could be published a few weeks after Fingrid’s financial statements.

The whole project that spanned over four months – from the November design phase to the delivery of materials and further to the March release – ran fluently and flexibly. Cooperation with the creative partner Miltton was straightforward and structured. Lines of communication were also open between Liana and Fingrid. Fingrid’s team was particularly impressed with the reassuring atmosphere and that all the wishes they had concerning the project could be fulfilled.

Fingrid's online annual report was in the spring of 2020 awarded as the best annual report by an unlisted company in the annual report evaluation organized by ProCom – The Finnish Association of Communication Professionals.

Collaborating with Liana Technologies has been very fluent and flexible for four years in a row. The annual report is the most important financial publication of the year for us. The results we’ve achieved with LianaCMS™ are top-notch in functionality and visuality.
Marjaana Kivioja
Communications Manager, Fingrid