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This is How You Create Content and PR During the Summer


Summer is a great time to focus on your content and PR. Even though the news cycle for summer 2020 will be different due to these unforeseen events, journalists are still looking for new ideas and different topics to write about. Many otherwise busy readers also have more time to spend with longer content, especially on mobile. 

During summertime, press releases can have a different angle: a good summer press release is usually light, topical and informative. Let us share tips on how you can be ready for summertime PR and communications.

Inform essential matters early

Have you remembered to inform your customers and other stakeholders about important news related to summer? This information could be about your services and products.

For example:

  • Local libraries will have special opening hours during the summer holidays
  • Liana Technologies’ technical support is here to help you 
  • Veterinarian’s checklist: this is how you protect your pet during heat waves.

Develop your employer brand

Summer is an excellent time to spend time on employer branding and showcase behind-the-scenes material. Tell stories about your organization’s history, and let your employees take the front stage. Tell about your organization’s culture, day-to-day life and celebrations. Remember to use pictures and videos in your storytelling!

For example:

  • Office dog took over the lounge – Company X showcases initiatives towards increasing employee well-being
  • Company B kickstarted their trainee program first time online
  • 11 nationalities and 8 different languages meet in department store Y’s break room.

Light summer news to check under the sun 

During the vacation season, people are looking for light reading. Could your CRM system have some interesting statistics that you could use in a press release that would make perfect summertime news?

For example:

  • Typical Finn eats around 11 kilos of strawberries during summer
  • Around 550 million newsletters were sent to over 30 countries in 15 languages using Liana Technologies tools
  • Women purchase on average 5,45 new pieces of clothing for summer
  • Being in the wild isn’t what it used to be – learn the history of camping at Museum M.

Informative guides to read in a hammock

Surprisingly many use their summer holidays by reading literature related to their profession. Informative guides and whitepapers are made for summer reading. You can easily combine your most read content to a summer special.

Liana Technologies shared summer marketing tips in the form of a video.

Should I publish press releases internationally?

Don’t only focus on your target group inside the borders. Could your services and products have interest internationally? Schedule press releases to fit each target market's time zone and make sure to check if there are any local holidays. For example in the Middle East, Sunday is a workday and Hong Kong and China have many midweek holidays.

For example:

  • Amusement park N offers customer service in 8 languages
  • Brand A now ships local products around the globe
  • Attend an international conference with world-class speakers fully online.
How should journalists be approached and what should be included in a press release? See the results of our international journalist survey.

Use automation and scheduling

During vacation season it is essential to keep things moving even with lesser resources. Use automation to handle manual communications tasks.

  • Scheduled email marketing campaigns make sure your customers stay active throughout summer
  • Automated drip campaigns make sure your customers move on the customer journey at the right time
  • On social media, you are able to re-use older material with scheduling posts. Remember to make sure that there’s always someone who’s available to answer questions and comments.
  • Organize a lighter summer marketing campaign in which consumers can participate in for example by sharing a picture on Instagram. These tend to work especially in B2C markets and you can share user-generated content on social media channels
  • Automate your customer service messages so your customer isn’t left alone while you are on vacation 
  • Make sure there’s changing and interesting content on your website also during summer months.

Do you need help with summertime marketing and communications?

Our services team is ready to help you with media analyses, marketing automation workflows and website visibility. Read more about Liana®Services and contact our specialist with any questions you have.

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