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Liana Frosmo Ltd

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Level up your digital customer journeys with intelligent personalization. Frosmo is an AI-driven personalization and recommendation software. Using Frosmo empowers ecommerce and website owners to improve user experience, optimize conversion rates and average order value, reduce bounce and increase retention.

The Frosmo Personalization Platform allows you to better target your customers and win them over for life. Implementation is fast and easy for users of LianaCMS and LianaCommerce. You see tangible results within 30 days of deploying personalized content and product recommendations on your website. Frosmo adapts to every click of the site visitor and personalization is based on real-time data. Continuous optimization features help you improve all aspects of the web experience. 

Key features of Frosmo include dynamic segmentation of website visitors, AI-driven content and product recommendations, business rule-based targeted content, and reporting of results. All of this is constantly improved by a maintenance-free machine learning tool MAB (multi-armed bandit or bandit testing) that dynamically searches for the best algorithm or recommendation strategy for a specific visitor segment. 

Getting Frosmo up and running is efficient as everything is based on industry best practice templates. Read more, calculate your business case and get a demo through our website or your contact person at Liana.