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Marketing automation in practice, part 1: from small streams to customer experience – important everyday automation

Automated messages are primarily a part of good customer service. Think of a web service as an actual store with sales staff. How does the sales staff act and pay...

In January we listed five marketing automation activities that every marketer should do in 2015. Now it's time to take a closer look what it means to ”automate the basic messages in marketing". Read More Apr 25, 2015

Practical Case of Successful Email Marketing: Savings Banks Group

The subscriber base has been increased through multiple channels by involving in the personnel of the bank and using social media along with other web services.

Savings Banks Group’s digitalized newsletters got an excellent reception. Following case presents some of the factors which led to the success. Read More Apr 15, 2015

Digital Marketing is a continuum

1. Website

2. Marketing

3. Segmentation and customer analytics

Digital Marketing is a continuum that consists of three phases: website, marketing and analytics.

  1. The first phase of the continuum is website, which is the starting point of everything. Website can be seen as the foundation of a company's online visibility and presence.
  2. When the foundation is taken care of, you can move on to the second phase of the continuum, marketing. With the help of marketing you are able to direct the right visitors to your website.
  3. The third phase of the continuum is analytics, that collects information of the success of your marketing and website as well as the behavior of your own target audience.

Disconnected actions are not enough by themselves, but the phases should support each other and create a working combination. In the digital marketing continuum, blog or website is the content center, email is the distribution mechanism, and social media is the conversation mechanism. For digital marketing to work as a whole, tools are needed that work together and create synergy. The answer for this need is Liana Marketing Cloud.

Take control of your Digital Marketing with Liana Marketing Cloud

With the help of Liana Marketing Cloud you can take care of the entire continuum of digital marketing, which consists of three phases: website, marketing and analytics. Marketing Cloud -products work together, give you synergy advantages, and scale according to specific needs. Each product works well independently but together they work even better. 

  1. Website:
    LianaCMS™ and 
  2. Marketing:
  3. Segmentation and customer analytics:
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Liana Technologies customers

Edita Prima

Edita Prima

Edita Prima is the leading service provider of graphical communications services in the Norhern countries.



Hertz is the car rental company that operaters in 145 different countries.



SLO Ltd. is Finland's leading electric and tele products wholesale firm. SLO's customers include, among others, electricians, electric and tele companies, industrial enterprises and general governments.

Lapland Hotels

Lapland Hotels

Lapland Hotels is the largest and the most diverse hotel chain in Lapland.