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Add volume to your web store with content marketing

Marketing doesn't have to be word-class brand creating – it just has to be useful, interesting or entertaining.

We all know that people are interested in good content, not marketing messages. However, only few eCommerce managers have started to create content. Should you, and if you should, why? What special qualities does web store content marketing have? How does content make you stand out from the crowd? Read More Jun 21, 2016

Buying process at a turning point – do you lead your customers through the buyer's journey?

The marketing of your company should act as a navigator that leads your potential customers to the buyer's journey through different paths.

In March, we shed some light on the subject of omnichannel marketing in our blog. Mapping out the customer's digital journey and defining the roles of marketing channels are some of the most important elements of omnichannel marketing. This month we'll take a look at the digital buying process. Read More May 23, 2016

Marketing and PR Cloud on the digital customer journey

Liana product family offers solutions for digital touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle



Purchase decision

Loyal customer


Analytics, monitoring and marketing automation


Liana Technologies has more than 3000 customers worldwide

IAB Finland

IAB Finland

IAB (International Advertising Bureau) is a nonprofit group open to companies with interactive advertising and marketing. IAB Finland consists of over 100 organizations and 600 members.

Nordic Morning Oyj

Nordic Morning Oyj

Edita Prima is the leading service provider of graphical communications services in the Norhern countries.

Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Koru Ltd (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures and sells high-quality jewelry.



Halti is the leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor sports and recreation equipment in Finland.
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