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PR ❤ SEO – 22 facts every PR expert should know about search engine optimization

Learn the basics of content creation: Use the right styles for headlines, highlight important words and use keywords in the titles of pictures, so they can easily be...

Search engine optimization used to be a simple technical process that had little to do with public relations. Now those times are long gone. Suddenly professionals in charge of communications and content creation have become extremely important for search engine optimization. Read More Apr 28, 2016

6 steps to measuring communications in practice

Media monitoring tools produce statistics on online discussions. How much and what is being discussed?

Everything that a company does should have measurable goals. Communications and marketing have worked without specific goals for a long time now but digitalization is slowly making this disappear. Planning how to measure communications has become an important part of planning communications overall. Read More Apr 21, 2016

Marketing and PR Cloud on the digital customer journey

Liana product family offers solutions for digital touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle



Purchase decision

Loyal customer


Analytics, monitoring and marketing automation


Liana Technologies has more than 3000 customers worldwide

JOT Automation

JOT Automation



Avis Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known car rental brands with over 5,000 locations in more than 165 countries.
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Nordic Morning Oyj

Nordic Morning Oyj

Edita Prima is the leading service provider of graphical communications services in the Norhern countries.



Hertz is the car rental company that operaters in 145 different countries.