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Email Marketing

Strengthen existing customer relationships

Sinebrychoff is the leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks in Finland. The company began its brewing operation in 1819 and is today the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries as well as the oldest foodstuff producer in Finland. Since 2000, Sinebrychoff has been part of the Carlsberg Group.

For Sinebrychoff quality, responsibility and environmental concern go hand-in-hand. To this end, they continuously improve their operations, respect the natural environment and minimize environmental impacts

Strengthen existing customer relationships

At Sinebrychoff the main goal was to strenghten the existing customer relationships. At the same time, they wanted to reinforce their position as a loyal partner and the leading brewery of Finland.

As a result Sinebrychoff decided to strengthen their relationships through digital customer communication. The idea was to send their customers the kind of newsletters the customers would find useful and beneficial in their own business. To carry out the digital makeover, a set of user-friendly marketing tools was needed.

Challenges on the way to digital customer communication

Sinebrychoff started working with Liana Technologies to run their newsletter campaigns. They chose Liana Technologies since it stood out positively with its active customer care.

The layout of the newsletter was designed carefully beforehand with the principle of ”well begun is half done”. As new ideas arose the appearance still changed a couple times in the course of the project. With the professional help of Liana Technologies, Sinebrychoff’s plans were carried out accurately.

As the HTML coding of the newsletter template progressed it turned out that the strict firewall settings of Sinebrychoff were changing the layout of the template. Due to these challenges a fairly big amount of testing and verifying was needed before the template was finalized. At the end, however, the challenges were tackled and the template worked as it should. Looking back, having their own contact person throughout the entire project was a great help. After having their training session the Sinebrychoff users can now easily send out their newsletters.

"We feel that we can rely on our partner. If we face a problem, Liana Technologies’ support is there to help us. Their customer service is super good."
Terttu Niutanen
Communications Manager, Sinebrychoff

Measurable results

Sinebrychoff now sends out newsletters to their customers on regular basis. The response concerning them has been great and the company has started using Liana's Email Marketing solution for internal newsletters too.

The built-in reporting features allow companies to measure the results (OR and CTR) after each delivery. Sinerychoff's newsletters have had the following results:

  • At its best, the Open ratio (OR) has reached 39,3 %
  • With the most successful newsletter, the Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) was 28,3 %

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