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Email Marketing, Monitoring, Press Releases

Modern tools facilitate collaboration with important stakeholders

Icehearts of Finland is an organization that does preventive social work for children through team sports. The model provides consistent long-term support for vulnerable children with special needs. Each team is led by a mentor who supports the children at school, after school and at home for 12 years.

More than 750 children and young people in fourteen different cities are participating in Icehearts' activities.

Icehearts activity is based on close co-operation between social work and schools. This is why the organization needed tools to raise awareness among decision-makers of municipal and state. Icehearts felt that all the needed solutions and services were found from Liana Technologies. Now Icehearts gets its voice heard by using LianaMailer for email marketing, LianaPress for press release distribution and LianaMonitor for media monitoring.

The ability to follow the minutes of municipal meetings and communicate effectively with municipal decision-makers with a single click particularly supports our operations.
Erika Turunen
Head of Organization, Icehearts of Finland


With press releases and newsletters, Icehearts is able to effectively stay in touch with municipalities, decision-makers and other stakeholders, like parents interested in the organization.

Icehearts' newsletters have gathered a lot of positive feedback: the content is clear and easy to read, and especially poll sections and video content have been highly praised.

Media monitoring tool LianaMonitor has made it easy to follow the news of the field, and it’s been handy for Icehearts to react to conversations and news about them on different channels.

Liana’s tools are part of the reasons why Icehearts has been able to develop its operations. During the last couple of years, the organization has been able to grow the number of teams by 30%.

With Liana’s tools, we’re able to reach a larger audience, but even more importantly, we reach the right audience.
Erika Turunen
Head of Organization, Icehearts of Finland



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