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Life at Liana

"The best thing is that you can develop yourself"

Name: Fanni Mäki
Location: Oulu
Title: Communications Specialist
Degree: Master of Arts

I'm Fanni Mäki and part of Liana's Marketing team. After graduating from the English department at the University of Oulu, I was not sure what to do or what career path to take. Then I heard about an open position at Liana Technologies. I applied and started as an office manager in 2014.

In August 2016 I needed to change the environment for a while to figure out in what direction I wanted to develop and thanks to my good relationship with my employer I continued to work from New Zealand for a year. During my remote work from abroad, I was doing translations for marketing. Some fun fact about my work in New Zealand is that I spent one whole week inside in a hostel doing some important translation while the wonderful tropical weather outside the door was waiting for me to finish.

When I got back, I applied for a position in the marketing team and have since then developed into Communications Specialist and am now in my element. I am in charge of press releases, and internal and external communications. I also write articles and do webinars.

What I really love about working at Liana Technologies is flexibility and trust. Liana’s office also has a casual and relaxed atmosphere with room to be who you are. The best thing about the company is that you can develop yourself and work with the things you want and are best at.