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Life at Liana

"The best thing at Liana is definitely working with your team members"

Name: Antti Haukipuro
Location: Oulu
Title: Technical Product Owner
Degree: Engineer & Leadership and Management

I'm Antti Haukipuro and I work at Liana’s PR & Media team as a Technical Product Owner. My education background is in engineering, and additionally, I completed team leadership training in 2024. Earlier in my career, I worked as an Application Developer both in Finland and Thailand. I joined Liana in 2014 when my previous job contract was ending. I saw an open position and since Liana had left a positive impression on me during my studies, I decided to apply.

Initially, I started at Liana as an intern in software development. At that time, I coded Sivuviidakko, now known as LianaCMS, as well as various mobile applications. Soon after, I also became a developer for ePressi when the opportunity arose due to the previous developer changing jobs. I worked with LianaCMS and ePress for a while until a reorganization divided the team into product-specific software development teams. During the reorganization, I was offered the opportunity to become a team leader. Since then, I've worked as a team leader, software developer, and Scrum Master in the PR & Media team.

Currently, my role includes various HR responsibilities, professional guidance, helping others, work planning, Scrum Master tasks, software development, and providing technical support outside the team. In my current role, I get to do software development work that aligns with my education and help others grow in their roles through professional guidance and personnel management. Taking this role was easy because I knew the team around me was full of professionals and nice people.

Typically, I start my workday by planning the day, followed by our team's daily meeting. Otherwise, my days are very diverse and may involve several internal meetings with various stakeholders, software development, helping others, pair programming, or problem-solving.

The best part about working at Liana is collaborating with my team members. It's great to see how helping others can help them achieve a lot and give meaning to one's work. However, my best memory in Liana is a bit different. One day, while working and listening to Jamiroquai's album Dynamite, I heard a question from the doorway of our office: "Are you that Antti?" That was the first time I met my future wife.