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Life at Liana

“Solving coding problems is simply fun”

Name: Shiori Sasaki
Location: Oulu
Title: Front-end Developer
Degree: Master’s Degree in Mathematics

My name is Shiori Sasaki and I work in Liana SaaS team as a front-end developer. My career at Liana Technologies started through an internship. After getting a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in Japan, I continued my master’s studies at the University of Oulu. While studying, I wasn’t sure what to do in the future and decided to try something new. In spring 2018 I started an internship at Liana, after which I continued working for the company.

As a front-end developer, I work on creating the appearance and the functionality of a website that users interact with. The main task of my job is to write code according to the customer’s specifications and the design.

My job is something I like and enjoy, and I can also take advantage of my skills in math. Coding is like solving a math problem or a puzzle, where you try to think up solutions to reach some solid goals. It’s simply fun to tackle these problems, and they also vary in different projects, which keeps the work interesting.

Another thing I like about working at Liana is my colleagues. Liana has a positive atmosphere and people here are willing to help and co-operate with others. 

Liana’s supportive spirit could also be seen when I participated in Code in the Dark competition at our office party. I was nervous and my pulse was quite high right before the competition. I didn’t reach my best performance, but competing was still a fun and new experience for me!