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Life at Liana

Liana Support Team has everyone's back

Our support team receives 100-200 customer contacts per day via email and also tens of requests via phone and the support chat.

The number of daily contacts not only tells how hectic support work is, but it also shows how irreplaceable the team is for Liana’s customers and employees. The support team answers customer’s questions, advises in the proper use of Liana’s tools and solves any technical issues that might appear. Liana’s other teams rely on the support team as well. The continuous work of the support team enables the other teams to focus on their own work, without any technical hassle.

Helping people out is clearly the reason that keeps the support team motivated: “The best part of the job is being able to help customers overcome a challenging situation”, says Mirva Leskelä.

Tech support without fuss

Most of the work in Liana’s support team is technology-oriented, as the company develops and provides SaaS services for marketing and communications. Hence, support requests and questions from the customers mostly relate to technical issues. Being able to handle the cases requires extensive technical skills and knowledge of Liana’s tools. “You have to know different web techniques since the work contains a lot of fine tuning with HTML and CSS”, says Tuomas Matilainen. “We also need SSH and support ticket systems every day”, adds Aki Ruohonen.

However, when working with a customer, technical terms will step aside. Liana’s tools are designed for and mostly used by marketing and communications professionals who may not have specific IT skills. “It is important that we use the same terminology as our customers in order to properly help them out”, Mirva Leskelä points out.

Cooperation makes a winning team

“Problem-solving skills and patience are key to succeed in this job. Sometimes there are really tricky cases, and it can take quite a while to come up with a solution. It’s important to be able to keep calm and your head clear”, Team Leader Marko Sneck sums up the skill set needed at work. Multitasking and perseverance are also essential qualities.

Although support work is independent, it’s far from lonely. Especially when facing difficult customer situations, having a great team of people around becomes crucial: “We talk openly, and dissolve the situations together. We never focus only on our own duties. When there are issues that need to be solved, it’s best done through cooperation”, says Marko Sneck.

A great team spirit is essential for the overall satisfaction and enjoyment at work. “Our team is simply superb! Even the most stressful and hectic days go smoothly when I can trust my team and know they’re all on board”, Tuomas Matilainen sums up.