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Life at Liana

"It is fun to work in a multi-cultural environment"

Name: Yini Wang
Location: Oulu
Title: Senior Front-end Developer
Degree: Bachelor in Business Administration

I'm Yini Wang and I started my internship at Liana in 2011, when I was still a student for Bachelor’s degree. Now I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and also a Master’s Degree in Science, at the same time, I’m a Senior Front-end Developer and Team Leader.

My team is called Global Projects. We work with customer cases from all of our overseas markets. It is fun to work in a multi-cultural environment, where your colleagues are from different countries, so do your customers. They also come from various industries, so that I also gain some knowledge for those industries, be cause I need to understand what my customer is doing to make better and more proper solutions for them.

I have to say that we have a strong team spirit inside my team. Everyone has a positive attitude and helps each others, sharing knowledge and experiences. It is nice to see that we are progressing together. We also have some team members work remotely, at far away Hong Kong island, but we work closely, and the weekly team meeting let us get to know what everyone’s focusing on recently, and discuss different topics, technical or just general issues.

Liana Technologies is a global and fast-growing company with a relaxing and fun working environment. The flexibility of working hours is the best thing about working at Liana. It eliminates the conflict between work and life, and enables me to work when I'm at my best productivity level. I also like the possibilities inside company that help you to achieve your own career goal. For instance, you can change teams as you may sometimes want to try out new things.