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Life at Liana

"I'm building bridges between humans and computers"

Name: Jussi Kuparinen
Location: Oulu
Title: Business Director, Marketing Automation

My name is Jussi Kuparinen and I joined Liana Technologies in 2011. At that time, I was working as a consultant in another IT company in southern Finland, but was eager to move back to Oulu. I came across Liana with one customer case and the company impressed me with their services. I found out that there are also few stablemates working there so when we moved back to Oulu I wanted to be a part of this great crew! People and team spirit have always been great at Liana and that's the thing I appreciate the most about working here!

I first started working in sales specializing in our partner network and enterprise accounts. I've always enjoyed working with customers and helping them to find the best possible solutions for their needs. I've worked with many of my customers since starting here. Therefore when years went by I was offered a position to lead our Customer Success team.

After two rewarding years in Customer Success team, I jumped from daily customer work to business and product development. I started as a Business Director in Marketing Automation in January 2019. I work in tight contact with our customers, product development and sales. So I'm still building those bridges between humans and computers.