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Life at Liana

"I immediately felt the warm company spirit, the family vibe"

Name: Ilya Sokolov
Location: Munich
Title: Sales Manager
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

My ride in the jungle began back in 2016, almost a year after graduating with a BA degree in Munich. By now I can tell that the decision I made on that July afternoon has been life-changing and one of the best ones I've made. Why?

Well, it hit me directly, the moment I joined. We traveled to a prominent event with a group of amazing people from different departments across the company. I felt the warm company spirit, the family vibe. The atmosphere of deep cooperation and caring support. And of course, lots of fun. Most of these people are still with Liana.

A lot of trips followed. A lot of successes. And a ton of challenges. It is a known fact that it's hard to sell a product you don't love. I didn‘t have to worry about any of this, as I am fully confident that I get to offer the best possible value there is on the market. The mix of the great offering, bonding family and great timing has made it possible for me to hit the top sales numbers throughout the years across three locations at Liana – Hamburg, Dubai, and Munich.

About a year ago I made a little detour and joined a corporate giant for a little while. I wanted to see how things work in a company on such a global scale. It was one of the most important steps I had to take. It is hard to overstate how important and motivating it is to have flexibility, and full independence along the sales cycle, yet have the maximum support from everyone including the top management and the founder. This is exactly what I have enjoyed and enjoyed at Liana. It was far from that in the corporate giant.

Now, four years after joining the first time, I have come back, with a vital task to form a successful sales team to drive the German market and help marketers rock it through the tough times. The company has gone through some awesome changes, growing and evolving to become even better to be able to spread the top cloud solutions from the far Finnish north. So cold, yet so warm.