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Life at Liana

"I am motivated by our goal of developing the best possible communications and marketing technology"

Name: Lauri Juntunen
Location: Helsinki
Title: Chief Product Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Master of Science in Business Administration

I'm Lauri Juntunen, and I work at Liana’s Product team as a Chief Product Officer. My educational background is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, followed by a Master of Science in Business Administration. Before joining Liana, I worked in consumer sales. However, my friend who worked at Liana told me about an open position and recommended me to their manager. I applied for the role and got called in for an interview. Following the interview, I started working at the Oulu office in 2016.

Over the years, my responsibilities and roles at Liana have changed several times. I began my career here selling communications services as an Account Manager. From there, I gradually transitioned to the role of Customer Success Director after expressing my interest in developing the Customer Success function. In that role, I was involved in establishing practices for onboarding and project management at Liana. As technical customer support became part of our unit, my role evolved towards a broader responsibility for overall customer experience. In March 2020, I started working as a Customer Experience Director. I held this role until February 2024 when I transitioned into the completely new role of Chief Product Officer.

The role of Chief Product Officer appealed to me due to my background in customer success and sales. I saw it as an opportunity to deepen my expertise in product development while also giving me the possibility to leverage my creativity and business understanding to develop Liana's product offering. My primary focus in this role is to ensure that Liana develops services that enable our customers to achieve their communications and marketing objectives with maximum efficiency. This includes collaborating closely with our Chief Technology Officer to create product and technology strategy, the management of the product portfolio, and ensuring that all this supports Liana's business objectives. Furthermore, a significant part of my work is to collaborate with different stakeholders internally and externally.

The content of my workdays varies. I primarily work from Liana's Helsinki office, but I'm also a regular face at our Oulu headquarters almost monthly. Regardless of location, I usually start work before nine o'clock by checking Slack and email for urgent matters. I aim to define three main objectives for both my daily and weekly tasks. When I reach them, I feel that my workday has been successful. Since my team primarily works from different locations, remote meetings, Slack messaging, and communication with both my team and our unit's managers are also a regular part of my workday and week.

Our work environment is one of the things I enjoy the most about working at Liana. Colleagues play a crucial role in that. The phrase "nobody's perfect, but a team can be" resonates with me. Besides colleagues, I am motivated by our goal of developing the best possible communications and marketing technology through which our customers can continuously achieve better results.

My journey at Liana is full of great memories, but one of the most memorable ones was at the summer party in 2018. At that time all of the Liana crew, including international staff, traveled to Oulu for the company summer party. Together, we admired the Finnish summer evening and its midnight sun and reflected on how our shared workplace had brought us to that moment.