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Life at Liana

“A brilliant team creates a truly inspiring work atmosphere”

Name: Marko Sneck
Location: Oulu
Title: Director, Customer Support
Degree: Bachelor of science, information technology

I’m Marko Sneck and I work at Liana as a customer support director. I have worked at Liana in various roles since 2009. My background is in information technology, and after graduating, I worked as a web developer for a while. I started looking for full-time IT jobs and Liana's job advertisement caught my eye. The job seemed interesting, with a bursting potential! 

I started working in Liana's software department. At the turn of the decade, we didn’t have an actual technical support team yet, but the need arose as the company grew. I started providing technical support alongside some programming projects. Over time, the technical support team also grew and needed a leader. The role was appealing because I felt I had something to contribute to it and therefore could best help the team. I applied for a position, and since 2017 I have been working as the team leader. In 2020, the production support team joined the technical support team. Since then we have been Liana's Support team.

My job is to lead the Support team and ensure we are available to our customers. It’s our mission to make sure that the customers' questions, wishes, work requests, and any possible challenges are heard and handled properly. The support team also helps our Liana colleagues in the same way. I enjoy the relatively independent work, done in good company. A brilliant team and other professionals as colleagues create a truly inspiring work atmosphere!

On a typical workday, I start up my work devices and first check various communication channels for any urgent matters. I go through Slack, email, and support programs, then move on to reviewing the ticket queues: what's the overall situation, are there any critical cases? After that, the day consists of internal meetings and handling various support tasks, as well as daily team matters.

It’s been great working at Liana for so long, almost since the early days of the company. One of my most memorable moments at Liana was when I and other colleagues celebrated a ten-year anniversary with the company. The milestone was nicely acknowledged internally, and it was also celebrated as part of the company's larger event – not forgetting the humor!