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6 Ways to Generate Leads for Real Estate


Getting leads is one thing, but retaining, nurturing and closing them is another. How do you take care of your leads? How to stand out and how to offer a better online experience than your competitors?

A well-working lead generation strategy is a balanced combination of various tactics: online and offline. The key is to have multiple touch points with your potential customer to collect leads, and then decide how to take them closer to the purchase decision.

In the real estate industry, you may reach a lead, who is ready to buy but only in 6-12 months.

So, when that window of opportunity opens, how do you make sure you are listed as a potential agency?

1. Use social media for your lead generation

Start a conversation, provide value and drive traffic to your website and landing pages showing the properties you are selling. Use lead capture ads on Facebook to target and capture leads.

Once a lead is captured, with an advanced marketing automation solution, you can immediately start nurturing them:

  • Thank with an SMS
  • Share the property details via email
  • Follow up with a couple of emails

2. Generate leads from your website

First of all, make sure your website is mobile optimized. Most of your visitors browse your website on their mobile devices.

Also, place a pop-up on your webpage to ensure the visitors subscribe to your updates.

Pop up form for lead generation in the real estate sector

A short and concise pop-up form increases the chance to collect more subscribers. For example, the form on the D&B Real Estate webpage has only two fields. 

Provide lead hooks to collect more email subscribers. Lead hooks can entail various content, for instance:

  • Market studies
  • Property brochures
  • Video content
  • Area guides
  • Tips & tricks for moving
  • Advice on finding mortgages

If you capture visitors email address, you can retarget with an email after the website visit with relevant content.

Tip: To measure the effectiveness of your newsletters, track open rates and click-through-rates with an email marketing tool. This will give you an overview on which content performs best.

3. Use marketing automation as a part of the sales process

You captured an inbound lead, put their details in CRM, understood their requirements, but what’s next?

Once you know if the lead is, for example, a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord looking for a certain type of tenant or property, you can automate trigger emails:

  • Available properties based on their interest (3BR villas for rent in Arabian Ranches)
  • Information package: “What you need to know if you are renting property for the first time”

Once a lead has been turned into a customer, marketing automation can trigger:

  • “Congratulations & Welcome to the neighborhood!” email on the same day with a link to download the Arabian Ranches area guide with all the services available in the area
  • Another email 3 days later about the complementing services (moving & house maintenance services)
  • Feedback and referral request in 30 days
  • If the rental contract is for one year, send the reminder email 30 days before the lease expires about renewing the contract or current listing of similar properties in the area

4. Engage your audience with valuable content

People do not want to be bothered by sales messages, but if you provide value and show expertise in the material you provide, people start appreciating your efforts.

Start blogging (which Google and other search engines love!) with topics that interest your audience.

Real Estate blog

Sotheby's International Realty publishes engaging industry-related articles on its blog that are also shared in the company's newsletters. 

5. Create converting landing pages

Landing page is a great way to maximize your inbound campaigns. It is a simplified and informative webpage aiming to capture lead’s details, i.e. get a visitor to fill in a form and leave their required details.

Landing pages are effective for growing your email list and generating leads.

Ask only relevant information that helps you to capture the lead and move them forward in the customer journey. When people visit the landing page but do not fill in the form, you can remind them with another email on the following day. For instance:

“Thanks for showing your interest in our off-plan project. Click here to get more details about it!”

And finally, the last tip:

6. Don’t buy databases

We have seen many times that this strategy does not work over time. Most likely your competitors are already using the same database. Overloading recipients with the similar content will not bring much value and can even jeopardize your reputation.

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Elena Bezborodova
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