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10 Landing Pages Types With Examples (+ Tips For Improving Conversions)


The question most marketers face: How to get more leads?

The answer: utilize landing pages.

Landing sites typically have one distinctive headline, one unique selling proposition (USP) and one CTA. If you direct users to a landing page with a focused messaging, you eliminate extra distractions and thus make it easier for a user to reach the ultimate goal — complete a conversion.

In this article, you’ll find 10 landing page templates and examples of how companies across different industries utilize them to crank up conversion rates.

Landing page examples:

  1. Sneak-peek to new products
  2. Wi-Fi landing page
  3. Event landing page
  4. SaaS ‘Book a demo’ landing page
  5. Holiday landing page
  6. Webinar landing page
  7. Ebook landing page
  8. PPC landing page
  9. Flash sale landing page
  10. Product launch landing page

1. Sneak-peek at new products

Want to build excitement for a new product or service that is about to be released soon? Create a pre-launch landing page.

What is more, you can offer an exclusive benefit in exchange for an email. This way, you’ll start collecting warm leads even before the product launch.

Pro tip: add a countdown to the pre-launch landing page to boost the sense of urgency.

2. Wi-Fi landing page

A good way to collect more customer data is to offer free Wi-Fi access in exchange for contact information. As soon as a person wants to access Wi-Fi at your venue, they can be directed to a landing page with a form.

As soon as the form has been filled, voila! Wi-Fi can be accessed.

3. Event landing page

Get more event attendees with an attention-grabbing event registration landing page. List down the most important info there, such as event dates, location, testimonials from previous guests, or even place a video from your previous event.

By the way, incorporating video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by more than 80% (according to EyeWideDigital).

Pro tip: Run an A/B testing campaign to see what works best for you: having a video, moving up customer testimonials, or experimenting with any other hypothesis. The tools that you can use for A/B testing:

4. SaaS ‘book a demo’ landing page

A SaaS landing page conveys the key idea of a product without overwhelming readers with too much copy. The ultimate goal is to persuade a user to book a demo or sign up for a free trial.

SaaS landing pages can be promoted across different channels, such as Google Ads, and newsletters or they can be a part of the main site.

This is one of the demo landing pages we at Liana Technologies used:

saas product landing page example by liana technologies

As you may notice, landing pages can differ in their length and structure. For example, a demo landing page needs more content than a whitepaper download page. Usually, the amount of content you need should be in accordance with the expected lead quality. (Compare a buying intention of a person booking a demo vs. a lead downloading a guide).

If you feel unsure about how much text to add to your landing page, you can create a heatmap or even a recording for your pages and see how users interact with your content. This will help you decide on what prevents you from getting more leads and how you can reconstruct your page for better results.

Hotjar is a go-to tool for tracking user online behavior.

5. Holiday landing page

Are you running a special promotion for Black Friday or Christmas? Why not create a short landing page to drive extra sales?

6. Webinar landing page

Either for collecting webinar sign-ups or for sharing your session recordings — a landing page is a must tool to use.

7. Ebook landing page

Do you create any downloadable material, such as guides, brochures or whitepapers? Then you definitely need a landing page describing the content of your material and containing a lead capture form.

We have tested both short and long versions of landing pages for our whitepapers and found out that the first ones convert better. That’s why we stick to a minimalistic landing page style for our downloadable guides:

ebook landing page example

8. PPC landing pageWhy use landing pages for PPC ads?

A landing page is one of the factors influencing your ad quality score. When a landing page content matches an ad copy, your paid campaign will get a higher score. Thus, you’ll increase the chance to get higher rankings with lower costs.

9. Flash sale landing page

We’ve all been there: sometimes you might come up with last-minute special offers that need to be communicated to your clients fast.

Whenever you get the same flash of inspiration, craft a simple landing page and advertise it on your preferred marketing channels.

A huge advantage of using landing pages is higher freedom to experiment and flexibility. Landing pages are not dependent on the main site and thus do not require extra involvement of website owners in your company.

10. Product launch landing page

That feeling when you finally released a long-awaited product or service is precious.

We know.

Feel like your new product deserves special recognition? Design a landing page.

When we wanted to announce our Google Ads integration, we dedicated this page to the campaign:

product landing page example

These were just some of the landing page templates you can get inspired by.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other out-of-the-box landing page examples that you use in your campaigns.

Do you want to build a landing page or feel like your current pages need to be improved? Create landing pages in minutes with customizable Liana’s templates. Contact us for more information.

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Elena is a Marketing Coordinator at Liana Technologies. When you don't see her passionately writing a new blog post for Liana, you can find her baking delicious cheesecakes or jogging. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Elena is a Marketing Coordinator at Liana Technologies. When you don't see her passionately writing a new blog post for Liana, you can find her baking delicious cheesecakes or jogging. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.



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