21 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 [+Infographic]

 In 2018, one of the key competitive advantages for brands will be providing personalized customer experiences based on the omnichannel data.

The diversity of digital marketing trends is huge: content marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation and artificial intelligence – just to name a few. Check out this list of the top digital marketing trends for 2018 to decide what to incorporate into your marketing strategy next year.. Read More Dec 22, 2017 3

Marketing Automation: Overcoming the Challenges [Survey Results]

 Put some thought into building a content calender and commit to it. A documented content plan is proven to correlate with successful content marketing.

Marketing automation has a lot of benefits but there are also challenges a marketer needs to overcome. Our survey results reveal the obstacles that you may face with marketing automation and we give you the ways to prevail. Read More Dec 1, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 101 for Marketers

 Few of us have the time to go through masses of data. A robot does.

Artificial intelligence is exactly what it sounds like: the tasks that normally require a person are performed with technology that simulates human intelligence. Depending on the purpose or the company, this could mean a complex technical business solution – or a chatbot with a funny name. Read More Oct 19, 2017

Case: How We Measured the Effectiveness of 5 Marketing Channels Using UTM Parameters

 By creating a segment for the whitepaper downloaders in our marketing automation platform, we could see the number of downloads from each channel.

As a rule, there is no easy way to see multichannel statistics and to compare the effectiveness of every marketing platform. Read how we promoted our whitepaper in 5 channels and compared the effectiveness of each channel using UTM parameters and marketing automation. Read More Sep 11, 2017

6 Ways to Generate Leads for Real Estate

 Once a lead is captured, with an advanced marketing automation solution, you can immediately start nurturing them.

Getting leads is one thing, but retaining, nurturing and closing them is another. How do you take care of your leads? How to stand out and how to offer a better online experience than your competitors? Read More Aug 10, 2017

Survey: What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

 Nearly 70 % of the survey respondents state that marketing automation has improved the targetability of messages.

Liana Technologies conducted an international survey about marketing automation in May 2017. The survey was sent to marketing and communications specialists and 421 company representatives in total completed the survey. Read More Aug 3, 2017

6 Email Marketing Tips for Hotels

 Email marketing can help you to establish a more personal relationship with your customers.

Email marketing still remains one of the most effective marketing measures. But why is it particularly important for hotels? Read our tips on how you can take advantage of it and build guest loyalty. Read More Jul 20, 2017 3

13 Emails to Inspire You

 Emotions matter a lot in email marketing. They play a crucial role in developing a strong relationship with your customers.

Having a feeling that you want to spice up your newsletters but don’t have any idea on what to start with? Here are 13 outstanding email marketing examples to be inspired by. Read More Jul 17, 2017

How to Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimization?

 You can pretty much test any element on your site - images, copy, navigation, call-to-action... Even small changes can have a big impact.

You are driving a lot of traffic to your site, managing several campaigns and shouting about your site on rooftops. But is your site actually working as good as it could? How well is your traffic converting to subscribers, downloads, leads, and sales?  Read More Jul 4, 2017

Find your perfect match - how to select the ideal newsletter software

 You might want to get started with email marketing now, but where do you see yourself in two or three years?

Email marketing is definitely a relationship worth investing in. But what criteria should a good newsletter software actually fulfil? And how do you choose your perfect match among all of those who want to date you? Read More Jun 27, 2017

How can marketers prepare for GDPR? (and how are we preparing)

 When the first data request arrives, it shouldn't come as a surprise for the marketers.

With the enforcement date of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaching, the topic is on everyone's lips. We decided to write a series of blog posts to uncover the details of the regulation and to offer you our best advice to prepare. Read More Jun 15, 2017

10 most common misconceptions about marketing automation

 A lot of content is needed, but there's no need to panic. Remember to refine, repurpose, retarget and reshare.

Marketers are finally embracing the potential of marketing automation tools. But before we get to work, let's shed a few of the most common marketing automation misconceptions. Read More Jun 6, 2017 1

Mobile Application Buyers' Guide

 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use. This means nearly one in four users downloads an app, uses it once and never opens it again. 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use. This means nearly one in four users downloads an app, uses it once and never opens it again.

Whether for pure branding purposes, generating revenue or audience engagement, a mobile application can give you a great edge in both B2B and B2C sectors. To help you get maximum value from an app we have prepared this Mobile Application Buyers' Guide. Read More Mar 6, 2017

Mobile development now and in the future

 In terms of application development, separating devices is starting to be a blurred line. Services become standardized regardless of the device.

Due to the rise of smartphones, the number of mobile services exploded at the beginning of the decade. In the past five years we've seen mobile devices go from an additional gadget to the most used online device. Which factors and concepts shape the development of mobile services from now on and what is their meaning to marketers? Read More Dec 22, 2016

Maintaining the media database – introducing the team behind LianaPress

 The information specialist team makes sure that our media database is always up to date.

A good and comprehensive media database is the most important feature of a press release distribution service because it ensures that press releases go exactly to the right people and publications. Liana Technologies has its own team that is dedicated to building, updating and maintaining our media database and making sure every day that it's up to date. Read More Oct 10, 2016

Study: How does link placement affect the CTR of newsletters?

 Avoid causing an information overflow by making the content as clear and concise as possible and paying attention to link placement.

Can analytics provide information on where the reader's attention is focused on in newsletters? Where should a CTA or Read More link be placed and how does it affect the click-through-rate of the letter? These questions were being examined by assistant professor Ashis Kumar from the Aalto University and marketing professor Jari Salo of the Oulu University. Read More Aug 16, 2016

Buying process at a turning point – do you lead your customers through the buyer's journey?

 The marketing of your company should act as a navigator that leads your potential customers to the buyer's journey through different paths.

In March, we shed some light on the subject of omnichannel marketing in our blog. Mapping out the customer's digital journey and defining the roles of marketing channels are some of the most important elements of omnichannel marketing. This month we'll take a look at the digital buying process. Read More May 23, 2016

PR ❤ SEO – 22 facts every PR expert should know about search engine optimization

 Learn the basics of content creation: Use the right styles for headlines, highlight important words and use keywords in the titles of pictures, so they can easily be...

Search engine optimization used to be a simple technical process that had little to do with public relations. Now those times are long gone. Suddenly professionals in charge of communications and content creation have become extremely important for search engine optimization. Read More Apr 28, 2016

6 steps to measuring communications in practice

 Media monitoring tools produce statistics on online discussions. How much and what is being discussed? Media monitoring tools produce statistics on online discussions. How much and what is being discussed?

Everything that a company does should have measurable goals. Communications and marketing have worked without specific goals for a long time now but digitalization is slowly making this disappear. Planning how to measure communications has become an important part of planning communications overall. Read More Apr 21, 2016

4 benefits of using a media monitoring service

 With a media monitoring service you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone is. With a media monitoring service you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone is.

Why should you use a media monitoring service? In addition to making the following of daily news easy and effortless, its use has many benefits. We gathered four most essential benefits. Read More Apr 21, 2016

From multi-channel to omnichannel marketing

 Omnichannel marketing differs from traditional multi-channel thinking in all the channels communicating more efficiently together.

During the last year a visitor may have heard the term omnichannel marketing in the aisles of marketing trade fairs. Professionals talk about seamless customer experiences in different channels and a new way of thinking when it comes to marketing. What has changed or has anything? Read More Mar 23, 2016

Must-have marketing technologies for 2016

 Which marketing technologies every company should use in 2016?

A year ago Harvard Business Review listed seven marketing technologies that every company should use. We reviewed the situation a year later – and added one of our own. Read More Feb 24, 2016

Target groups in email marketing: who deserves your attention?

 You can improve personal communications with email marketing and closely follow your customers' reactions in the newsletter reports.

The beginning of a new year is a good time for planning the company's marketing actions, both old and new. Newsletters are already familiar to many companies, but have different stakeholders been taken into account in communications? Read More Jan 26, 2016

Video and content marketing, part 2: Four ways to use videos

 Videos are one of the best ways to evoke emotions in the digital world. For this reason, among others, they are shared more easily than other marketing content. Videos are one of the best ways to evoke emotions in the digital world. For this reason, among others, they are shared more easily than other marketing content.

In October we took a look at why it pays off to use videos in marketing and communications, and gave tips on how to get started. Now we dig in deeper to the possibilities of video format. Read More Dec 18, 2015

Marketing automation benefits in numbers

 The most successful small businesses use marketing automation 7 times more likely than others.

Marketing automation is used in a growing number of companies and many are considering it. Automation is commonly regarded as something that boosts your business and saves resources but what do the studies say? Is marketing automation worthwhile? Read More Nov 19, 2015