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Full-scale WordPress solutions are now powered by Liana®Cloud.

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Ensure the success of your WordPress site project ✓

Liana®Cloud WordPress solution has all you need for your successful WordPress project. Your GDPR compliant WP site will be located on a secure local hosting server and monitored 24/7. We also create automated backups to keep your files and database safe if problems occur on your website. Our customer service is also happy to assist you.

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Daily backups of your WordPress website and fast recovery service if needed

Keeping your WP site platform and plugins up-to-date to avoid security issues

Choose server location yourself and comply the local data security regulations

Why Liana?

  • The website can be integrated with Liana®Cloud Technology Stack
  • We have over 15 years of experience in website hosting and developing
  • Support services are included over the phone, chat and email
  • Website transfer will be done completely by us and scheduled by you


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Our plans & pricing

Pick a suitable plan for your company. Monthly pricing is per website. 

WordPress Professional

For small websites, campaign sites. Secure and fast solution with local servers and support.

39 €/month
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Main features
  • 99% uptime
  • 10Gt storage
  • 10k visits per month
  • Daily backups
  • Customer service
  • Updates and security patches
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WordPress Business

For growing companies with more demanding needs for the platform.

79 €/month
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Main features
  • 99.8% uptime
  • 15Gt Storage
  • 30k visits per month
  • Daily backups
  • Priority customer support
  • Updates and security patches

WordPress Enterprise

A solution for large websites with multiple language versions and requirements for customized UX and features.

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Main features
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 30Gt Storage
  • 50k visits per month
  • Daily backups
  • Priority customer support
  • Wp updates and security patches
  • Multi-site support (max. 5 sites)
  • CDN support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
All prices presented are subject to VAT and based on annual billing.

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Liana®Cloud is the complete Technology Stack for Marketing Teams

With Liana®Cloud, we offer you the right solutions for everything you need in your digital marketing and communications. All Liana® tools are integrated with each other and made to custom fit your individual marketing needs. Liana®Cloud powers your marketing and communications team with a single-sign-on platform that takes the data-driven marketing to the next level with no integration or IT headache.