LianaCMS™ - Versatile and analytics friendly CMS

LianaCMS™ - Versatile and analytics friendly CMS

LianaCMS™ - Versatile and analytics friendly CMS

LianaCMS is used to manage the content and appearance of a website: both small campaign sites as well as larger corporate sites can be easily realised through our content management system. The CMS separates the content and layout using templates, so you can concentrate on updating the content without having to worry about messing up the appearance. LianaCMS has multiple features and can be fully tailored which makes it an ideal tool for whatever your need is.

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End-user driven approach in analytics and search engine optimization

In LianaCMS analytics and search engine optimization have been built to serve the end-user in the best possible way.

Web addresses, URLs, that are generated automatically and the easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization tool ensure good search engine visibility for your web pages. LianaCMS also has an unique way of showing web page analytics in the administrator's view. You can see your web pages' strong sides and weak points with a single glance and are thus able to develop your web pages in connection with your daily maintenance routines.

Web page mobile version through the same admin view

With LianaCMS you can easily create web pages that can be browsed with any end device.

LianaCMS is suitable for creating both responsive sites as well as maintaining separate mobile versions. The key for this is the administrator view from which content can be updated to several channels simultaneously. Through LianaCMS you can update company web pages, possible separate mobile version, and company Facebook-pages. More and more web pages are being browsed through mobile devices, and LianaCMS is following this trend closely: we have given special attention to developing mobile-friendly web page technology in our product.

Language versions and versatile UI

LianaCMS is used in several countries with multiple languages.

We have invested a lot to language versions both in the public site and in administration. Maintaining different language versions for a single site is easy: language editions can be updated from the same platform using the same appearance and database if needed. User language can be changed from the administrator view: LianaCMS can thus be smoothly used in different countries. You can use Liana product family, Marketing Cloud, from anywhere in the world directly through your browser.

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaCMS!

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaCMS!

Contact our experts to hear more.

Let us know that you are interested and we will show you how LianaCMS works. LianaCMS is a versatile and modern content management system that combines easy web page management with important analytics. Comprehensive add-ons ensure that it is possible to create either large or small web sites with the desired appearance and features.

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Website Case

Website Case Mira Welling For us it was important to choose a clearly responsible company that would offer good support services. We knew that our needs would be taken into consideration in the future development of the software as well. Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

The renewal of Land Rover's website was initiated by the need to develop both the usability as well as the visual appearance of the old site. Land Rover-site renewal was carried out with LianaCMS to four countries in five different languages. LianaCMS was also integrated to a car database which made it easy to bring thousands of product info quickly onto the site.

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