LianaCommerce™ - The marketers choice for e-commerce platform

LianaCommerce™ - The marketers choice for e-commerce platform

LianaCommerce™ - The marketers choice for e-commerce platform

LianaCommerce ™ simplifies the process of online sales. The platform allows online store management without any programming skills. Instead, you, as a merchant, can focus on the most important and be sure that the technique of LianaCommerce will not fail you. Product choice, store settings and orders can be managed through a web browser at any time, in any place. The platform can be tailored through integration of additional functions, so your online store will always meet your needs.

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Tailored online store with versatile features

LianaCommerce platform complies to your needs - it can be a ready-made package or tailored just as you want it.

An online store can be set up quickly based on a ready-made template and at the same time have the layout reflect the customer's corporate image. If needed, LianaCommerce platform features and design can, however, be fully tailored. This gives a possibility for growth and development: you can start off with the basic features and as your needs change, so does your store. You won't be caught up in a situation where your business develops but your online store doesn't.

All important integrations from the same platform

Especially larger online stores often need a platform that enable integration to multiple systems.

Integration is a key factor in making the merchant's life easy as it connects the online store with for example the retail POS system used in the physical store. LianaCommerce has already been integrated to several different systems related to marketing, financial transactions, and logistics. If new integrations are needed to new systems, our competent development team is there to make it happen.

Service, support and up-to-date platform

LianaCommerce platform is Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software as a Service is a promise that the customer is not left alone with possible technical problems. You can contact our technical support as well as our digital marketing and communication experts through phone, e-mail or Live Chat. As part of the service, online store platform updates are made automatically so you can be sure that the platform is always up to date. As the digital marketing field or the customer needs change and develop, LianaCommerce platform develops with them. 

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaCommerce!

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaCommerce!

Contact our e-commerce experts to hear more.

Let us know that you are interested and we will give you a demo which gives you a chance to see LianaCommerce platform with your own eyes. When designing LianaCommerce we have kept in mind that a mere webstore is not enough to guarantee good business. Our platform is not only technically functional, it also makes effective selling and digital marketing possible. LianaCommerce is highly versatile while still being easy and handy to manage.

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