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Powerful tool for effective email marketing

Powerful tool for effective email marketing Lari Suomalainen User experience has played a huge role in developing LianaMailer Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales, Liana Technologies

LianaMailer™ was designed for people working in marketing and communications, not for your IT-department. You do not need any special IT or programming skills as the user interface is really easy to use. With LianaMailer™ you can create stunning messages that look sharp and professional. We take care of the technical part so that you can concentrate on the most important: the content.

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The marketer's choice for eCommerce platform

The marketer's choice for eCommerce platform Henri Kauppi LianaCommerce is a technically well functioning platform that has been designed from a marketing and sales viewpoint. Henri Kauppi Business Manager, eCommerce, Liana Technologies

LianaCommerce™ makes selling online easy. The online store platform includes all features needed for eCommerce: store management, digital marketing, and comprehensive possibilities for integration with retail POS and other systems. In LianaCommerce content management and appearance management have been separated, so as a merchant you can concentrate on your core competence without having to worry about technology.

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Versatile and analytics-friendly CMS

Versatile and analytics-friendly CMS Ville Lehtoniemi With LianaCMS you can easily update content to several channels from the same admin view: website, mobile site and Facebook page, for example. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

LianaCMS™ is a powerful tool for website management and content updates. The CMS separates the content and layout using templates so you can update the content easily without having to worry about messing up the appearance. LianaCMS is suitable for various projects - both small campaign sites as well as larger corporate sites can easily be deployed and managed. Websites created with our modern platform can be optimized for mobile environment making it possible to browse the site with any end device.

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Agile marketing automation

Agile marketing automation Samuli Tursas LianaCEM completes digital marketing by binding the different components together Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

LianaCEM™ (Customer Experience Management) is a marketing automation system that complements digital marketing cloud. CEM collects information about web service users and combines the data with marketing tools. The outcome of this are automated marketing actions that create targeted digital marketing at a right time. CEM gives companies the possibility to create individual communication while saving company resources at the same time. 

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Professional press releases

Professional press releases Iina Mikkola Good communication is worth to invest in. A strong media presence has been proven to positively affect the reputation and business of the company. Iina Mikkola Account Manager

LianaPress™ is a user-friendly and comprehensive online press release service for corporate communications. LianaPress provides an extensive and constantly updated database of media contacts covering Middle East, Hong Kong and China, North Africa, Northern and Central Europe, Baltic States, Russia and USA. The contacts include journalists from newspapers, magazines, news agencies, press release catalogs as well as web portals.

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Effective media and news monitoring

Effective media and news monitoring Antti Korpela With LianaMonitor you know news relevant to you with no extra work. Antti Korpela Business Development Director, PR Cloud

LianaMonitor™ is an online monitoring service that follows journalistic web media, blogs, forums and social media channels extensively 24/7. With the help of the service you can quickly and effortlessly track the online news and social media discussions that are relevant to you and your company.

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