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Social media monitoring in communal project

Pilvi Nummi is an architect who made her doctoral thesis at Aalto University about utilizing social media in city planning. Muistojen Nikkilä, alias Nikkilä Memories is a communal data collection project, which aims to collect and share people’s memories about the village of Nikkilä in Sipoo, Finland. The project focuses especially on buildings and places.

The project started with the idea that the municipality could complete and update the information related to the old buildings by mass-gathering. Pilvi Nummi encouraged people to share their memories in social media by using the hashtag #muistojennikkilä. She needed a broad media monitoring tool to be able to follow the shared memories and the debate about the topic.

Social media monitoring is especially important in communal projects. Liana’s media monitoring tool collects information from various social media channels for easy analysis.
Tiia Karhunen
Enterprise Sales Executive, Liana Technologies

Finding relevant posts in social media

The most important prerequisite for collecting data in social media was the introduction of a social media tracking tool; following and gathering social media posts for the project would have been impossible without it. After the introduction of Liana’s media monitoring tool, the researchers have been able to focus more on analyzing information. The tool has also enabled expanding data collecting to local Facebook groups, for example.

Following social media has been easy and efficient with Liana’s media monitoring tool. I’ve been able to focus on actual research work, such as data analysis.
Pilvi Nummi
Architect, doctorate student, Aalto University

Comprehensive search options makes data parsing easy

Liana’s media monitoring tool is excellent for researching because of its comprehensive features, such as versatile search options, adding keywords to releases and the possibility to save search results for further analysis. Pilvi Nummi uses the tool to follow the hashtag #muistojennikkilä and publications related to the Nikkilä area. This way Nummi can find the posts where Nikkilä is mentioned and target marketing to these channels.

The advanced technology of Liana’s media monitoring service helps to pick not only keywords but also specific topics from publications and social discussions.
Tiia Karhunen
Enterprise Sales Executive, Liana Technologies

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