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Email Marketing

Kaalimato is the largest sex equipment online store in Finland. The company started to use Liana Technologies’ email marketing tool in 2016. After two years of use, Kaalimato started to efficiently fine-tune its email marketing with Liana’s contact person. The company wanted to develop their email marketing further but also respect the privacy of its customers at the same time. 

Above all, Kaalimato wants to send newsletters to people who really are interested in their content. The first case was to trim passive contacts out from the mailing list. Kaalimato sent a tempting discount campaign email for everyone on the list and deleted the contacts that made no actions. After cleaning the list, the opening and click rates of the newsletters started to rise effectively.

We've learned that holiday and season campaigns are working well – for example, summer and Christmas are good times for campaigning. We have successfully created content for these campaigns with Liana’s email marketing tool.
Annukka Lavikainen
Sexual therapist, Communications Specialist,

Listening to customers

Targeting is a challenging factor in Kaalimato’s email marketing. Customers’ order history isn’t registered to respect their privacy. Kaalimato has started to ask new newsletter subscribers about their interests to be able to create more engrossing and better-targeted content.

Another challenge in Kaalimato’s email marketing is the timing of the newsletters. Some customers have unsubscribed because letters have been sent at an inconvenient time of the day. Now the subscription form has a feature where the customer can choose when newsletters are welcomed.

Now has also started to use Liana’s marketing automation service. With this tool, Kaalimato collects segmenting info from newsletter clicks and is able to target marketing even better and more efficiently.

Cooperation with Liana Technologies has helped us to make the best possible email marketing for us and our customers.
Annukka Lavikainen
Sexual therapist, Communications Specialist,

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