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Email Marketing

Customer communications in modern form

Businesslike is a respected recruitment agency in the Helsinki metropolitan area, specialized in recruiting and leasing of professionals from assistants and managers to specialized experts in their particular field.

Businesslike has a long history of publishing a printed magazine for its customers. The digitalisation of the magazine was first mentioned in the 2000s, until their email newsletter was launched in 2013.

An email newsletter felt like a natural and modern option for the everyday life of busy HR people.
Marju Vuorensalmi
Leading Consult/Partner, Businesslike Oy
The challenges and starting points

There were many reasons for digitising the printed customer magazine. Working with print and sending the magazines was laborious and time consuming. Also the high cost of printing and the lack of result monitoring pushed the renewing forward. 

The goal for email newsletter was to produce contents that genuinely interests the readers. Customer orientation was paid particular attention in the reform: Businesslike wanted to offer intriguing high-quality materials, instead of spamming people with meaningless and pointless newsletters.

When compared to print, the biggest benefits of email newsletters are cost-effectivity and a possibility for monitoring the results. Of course, the forms of offline and online marketing can also support each other.
Pia Hakola
Sales Director, Liana Technologies

Businesslike chose Liana’s email marketing service after familiarizing various options. Liana’s tool was chosen for its ease of use, tracking features and the feature of directly downloadable images.

Businesslike is particularly satisfied with the ease of use of Liana’s newsletter tool. Newsletters can now be quickly produced and sent to targeted audiences. Customer communications is constantly improved by monitoring which topics have interested customers and what could be done better.

The results

Now Businesslike is regularly sending newsletters covering interesting and current topics from recruitment to working life. The aim is to lift up interesting topics and perspectives that are useful and entertaining for the readers.

With the help of Liana’s user-driven email marketing service the company can target their resources more effectively, which saves time and money. Thanks to versatile reports, communications can be developed to be more customer-oriented.

The effectiveness of the newsletters is now easy to analyze, which helps us to lift up topics and perspectives that interest our customers. The newsletter is also reasonably priced and contemporary.
Marju Vuorensalmi
Leading Consult/Partner, Businesslike Oy

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