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What is Agile Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is still a fairly unknown concept. Not everyone knows what is actually meant by automation and how it could be brought into use.

Many companies and brands are already familiar with individual segmentation and email personalization. Every one of us has at some point received emails based on where we live, what we do for a living or our gender. The problem with segmented email marketing is that when the number of segments grows, the entity gets more and more complicated and challenging to control. 

In a nutshell, Marketing Automation means technology that enables automated communication based on individual factors instead of targeting segments. Automation technology relies on spotting various micro signals and marketing actions triggered by these signals.

Marketing automation is spreading rapidly due to the pressure of producing timely content that truly interests the recipient, but also due to saving costs and pursuing economies of scale in marketing communications. Possibly the biggest factor holding back the use of marketing automation, is that automation projects are often seen as processes that are heavy-duty and stiff.

Instead of massive IT projects, the focus is now on agile solutions that can be immediately taken advantage of in the marketing and communications departments of companies. The practices of Agile Marketing are vigorously becoming more common in organizations that require fast results from their marketing.

In the Agile Marketing Automation approach, the benefits of automation are gradually brought into the organization, all the while adapting to the company's processes. The starting point is a simple automated message chain that is somehow connected to an important event in the customership (trigger). In this approach, ideas turn quickly into action and learning happens by doing.

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