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What if Shopping Groceries Was as Difficult as Shopping Online?


An important part of a successful online shopping experience is the ease of buying. Compared to a physical shopping experience, online shopping environment has many of the same characteristics. Products need to be placed logically, easily found and appropriate paying methods need be at hand. In many online stores, however, some of the most common purchase barriers still occur.

Common online purchase barriers:

  • The store is not visually appealing or the products and offers are placed in an unattractive way.
  • Products are difficult to find: category divisions are foreign to the buyer or products are not found with the right keywords.
  • The functionalities of the store are technically not where they're supposed to be. Pages are loading slowly or the store is full of unwanted bugs. The process of buying is not working out smoothly. 
  • Product pictures and descriptions are poorly made or the pricing is too complicated.The buyer can't find the information he or she wants and needs to make a purchase decision.
  • Support is hard to find. The store doesn't offer an online chat or other simple ways to get in touch with the personnel of the store. If the buyer is unsure of something he probably won't finish the purchase at all.
  • The buyer experiences too many distractions. Constant forcing of additional products, pop-ups or new offers might sometimes cause the opposite reaction to what was wanted. Additional products should be offered carefully and in an adequate phase of the purchase process. 
  • Checkout is too difficult. The buyer needs to go through way too many different phases to finish their purchase. In some cases there might not be enough paying methods available. 

Unfortunately many of the online stores out there are build too much from a technical point-of-view and not from a buyers point-of-view. LianaCommerce-platform is not only technically functional but it also makes effective selling and digital marketing easy for you. To simplify the buying process we've created the feature called One page checkout System that enables you to finish the whole buying process without excess phases or jumping from one page to another. With our experts you can create a web shop with all the important features and the layout, important integrations and buying methods you need. And all of this without forgetting your buyer.

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