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To Be Mobile or Not To Be? That Is the Question.


Newsletter templates are often considered mobile-friendly if they show some kind of graphics (and not just plain text) while opened on a mobile device. There is, however, a big difference between a responsive template and a normal HTML newsletter. Unless the template is designed responsive it will never serve mobile users the best possible way. The content of the message is probably too small for the mobile screen forcing the user to zoom in pictures and text to be able to read the content of the letter. 

Responsive design means that the newsletter template automatically scales according to device. Despite the end device, the recipient will always receive a version that is optimated to them thus easy to browse and read. 

What are the benefits?

By using responsive design:

  • You will take your recipients into account by providing them an optimated view of your newsletter. You're able to show them that their experience as readers truly means something to your company.
  • You'll give your own content the best possible visibility. If a recipient has to struggle to see your content a half of their interest will most likely disappear on the way. Your polished top-content will thus never have the change it was supposed to.
  • You'll stand out. A surprisingly small number of all newsletters are designed responsive: this gives you a great opprtunity to show that your company is on the top of the pack.

Mobile or not? Base your decision on facts and analysis.

The increasing amount of mobile users is a good enough reason to recommend responsive design to all of us. At the same time it's good to keep in mind that digital marketing is one of the few marketing methods that we can actually measure reliably and accurately. For this reason there's really no point in doing things just for the fun of it. Instead you can analyze your own recipients and see how many of them open your newsletters on mobile devices. 

We at Liana Technologies analyzed our own readers and decided to design our newsletters responsive. The statistics of recipients show that one fourth of all readers open our newsletters on mobile devices. Based on this we decided to pay this group more attention by providing them an optimal view of our letters.

While using LianaMailer important statistics such as the portion of mobile users compared to desktop are right at your grasp. Our technique also makes it possible to design the newsletter templates responsive. Contact us to hear more!

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