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Newsletter To-Do List Even a Goldfish Can Concentrate on

Newsletter To-Do List Even a Goldfish Can Concentrate on

According to recent research, a person's attention span, i.e. the time you are able to concentrate on something without being distracted, has gone from 12 seconds in 2000 down to 8 seconds. At the moment, our attention span is a second poorer than that of a goldfish, which is 9 seconds.

We wrote down a newsletter to-do list even a goldfish can concentrate on.

Newsletter To-Do:

  1. Acquire an easy-to-use tool
  2. Invest in content
  3. Mobile-optimize
  4. Enrich your subscriber list
  5. Create subscriber profiles

However, brace yourself for the fact that carrying out the to-do list will take a bit longer than 8 seconds. Everything does not have to be done at once, you can take one step at a time.

When you want to develop your newsletters, we recommend that you choose an easy-to-use tool. Research shows that a good tool allows you to dedicate more time other things on the list. When you do not need to spend time struggling with technology, you can spend more time on things that matter. Get to know LianaMailer newsletter tool.

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